172 Days to Go - Cracking the Code

Hi blog folks,

I'm going through one of those dry spells where I start about a dozen different posts per day and actually post none of them.

The running is going along.  I managed a waddling, crawling 14+ mile run on Saturday which is the longest in a while.  The numbers are increasing albeit a bit below those suggested in the plan.

These non-posting periods usually are associated with some general running/posting/being blahs.  They are often accompanied by internal statements like, "ennh what's the point?" and "Why bother?" and "Pass me another dozen doughnuts" and "Fuhget about it" (the last one if I was an italian mobster).  Its basically summarized by everyone's favorite cheer:

Apathy, apathy, that's our cry!
A-P-A-T...ahh whatever...

So how does one break out of this?  How does one decipher the inscrutable logic, and down feelings?

I guess its just by doing.  For me its purposefully not worrying about perfection, forgetting about all the other past failures, and charging forward.  I can't change the past, I can't ensure the future, but I can do something today.

So I did.

I posted.

I hope you keep posting/doing/running/dreaming/achieving/inspiring me to get off my rump too!


Moriah said…
When I saw that there was a new post, I was going to comment with, "THANK YOU!" My secondary comment, after actually reading your post is more. . . well. . . just that I love you. (Especially when you aren't perfect.)
Linnea said…
I have an idea. A GREAT idea. First, read Born to Run, then review it! It will give you motivation and content for at least a 100+ blogs. Srsly. Oh. And I love you.
HappyTrails said…
I don't know you well enough to tell you I love you ... so I feel left out or maybe more like a misfit on the comments page. Well, not really, but I was glad to see you had not disappeared. Hope you chase the "blahs" away - it is that time of year. Did you notice a little Spring in the air this week???
Yeah, I agree with Your Hunger....except for the love part. I mean, you're a cool guy and all, but not totally my type.

Anyway, a runners world or something similar usually snaps me right out of the blahs. You should find a store that sells Marathon and Beyond magazine. Good stuff.
Unknown said…
Thanks for posting today, Ace. I was wondering where you were and what was going on. That just means that I appreciate your thoughts and news despite what you think it means and or conveys. Thanks for "just doing it" and keep us posted on the latest in your running and life. No pressure but snap out of it! I like your attitude; don't worry about perfection.
Sorry, I may be a K teacher but I'm also kind of a hard *$%! Besides, it looks like you have enough *love* in the comments above!

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