117 Days to Go - Running Accounting

Well one week to go until the 50k on Saturday.  Thankfully we got some major snow this last weekend, so the course should be nice and muddy.  I wouldn't want this thing to be too easy, after all it's only 31.07 miles or so.  Sheesh.  Why bother?

Then there is the whole accounting of the "actuals" of  running vs the "budgeted" running plan.

This last week the running budget said, (in a deep, menacing, Chief Financial Officer voice "You shall run 48 miles, with back-to-back runs on Saturday and Sunday of 22 and 10 miles."  Meanwhile, the actual running voice said (in a wimpy, thick glasses, and orthopedic shoes voice) "Maybe you should uh, you know taper for that race next weekend.  Yeah thats it taper.  That sounds scientific.  Never mind that race is just a training run, cut back, live a little. Maybe something like twenty miles total?  Sweeeeee-dish."

So I didn't exactly hit the mark.  And really haven't the last three weeks in a row, but who is counting?

Besides if I was fully trained, it might not be a real challenge.  We wouldn't want that now would we?   /snicker.


Moriah said…
After all, it is all an experiment anyway! Relax! Enjoy! What can be gained from fretting over what is past? (Maybe a little forgiveness is in order?)
Unknown said…
Plenty of snickers with this post, Ace. I love your attitude, it's obvious you've choosen some goals that will make you drool with delight. Have FUN in the mud, that run actually sounds like fun, uh, minus the 31 miles.
Linnea said…
I like your blog. It's fancy pancy.
HappyTrails said…
PS, are you bringing scuba gear...?!?!
Nitmos said…
I bet you can't run the 50k while smoking cigarettes the entire way. Prove me wrong.
Yeah, if you were fully trained it would be like cheating. Don't cheat man. Just don't do it.
I like.....whatever my wife likes - because it looks like mostly girl stuff on there! :)

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