123 Days to Go - Pick up the Pace!

Hey oh by the way I'm running an "ultramarathon" in eleven days.  Yeah I know its only a 50k, but it does technically count.  Oh and all these race reports are freaking me out.  Like where these sub-four hour marathoners put in finishes on this course of over six and a half hours!  Yikes.  It is going to be an interesting day.  

There was a great deal of doubt as to whether I was actually going to run due to my sons' soccer games (I am the coach of both teams) but due to a providential scheduling miracle their games don't start until 3pm.  With the race starting at 8AM that means I have approximately 6 hours 15 minutes to finish the race, jump in my car (will I still be able to jump at that point?) and race down to the park and run around and coach the chaos theory which makes up youth soccer for three hours.  Right.  6 hours and 15 minutes.  Right.  Judging by the 20 mile time I put in this weekend, I'm not sure the eight hour time limit when the course closes would be enough.

I guess it just means its time to bring the speed, hawtsawss style!

Racing flats anyone?


HappyTrails said…
You can tuck in behind us and "draft" for the first 25k, if you want Ace! It will be fun - you'll enjoy it!!! Good job getting in your 20 miler! We could always make a life-size cut out of you to stand at the soccer field, just in case...
Mannnn, that is pretty hard core. I'll bet you could get done in that time.
Chris said…
I hope your kids soccer team puts in a good effort after you race that hard. Last week after my half marathon I raced home to coach the game and the kids promptly gave up 5 goals by half time - it was ugly.

Good luck next week!

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