51 Days to Go - Really?

I don't have anything enlightening to say.  Nor anything motivational, or useful, or informational, or even strange or attempting to be humorous.

I ran sixteen miles.  Sixteen miles is still a long ways.  Sixteen miles doesn't, I think, ever stop being a long ways, even when you run lots of miles.  Maybe for Mr. 200+ mile training weeks, sixteen miles barely registers, but for me it is long.  I think I thought that at some point, sixteen miles would not seem like a lot.  It doesn't seem like a lot, talking about it, but it still seems like a lot when I'm doing it.

To be honest I wouldn't have run that far without teh coach (aka teh wifey) telling me I had to.  I would have stopped after the first seven.  Thanks coach.

Assuming I listen to teh coach/crew chief/wifey I should hit sixty miles this week.  It is supposed to be more than that, but I'm behind.  The long run will include a Pike's Peak marathon course plus a couple of miles (28? hopefully), so my power hiking ability will be tested.  I've never done the Pike's Peak thing, and I will have a couple of my pacers for the race with me so it should be fun (standard running is not "fun" disclaimer). Come on out and join us if you're interested in some nice elevation gains.


16 in 3:18.


Unknown said…
A post, is a post, is a post. It's just fun to hear what you're doing in the way of running. Your coach did some good coaching...16 miles is a long way, I agree.
Have fun at Pike's Peak. My bff can see the peak from her house, I'll have her watch for you!
Linnea said…
Sounds like all this running is spanking the orneriness out of you. You better start spankin' back or you'll have a sore bottom. By the way. I also have no idea what I'm saying but I didn't sleep last night working on homework so I blame it on that. Love.
wait - you're doing the pikes peak marathon or you're doing the course on your own??
HappyTrails said…
Have "fun" out on Barr Trail Ace!
HappyTrails said…
Hey Ace - what information did you need for Barr Trail? drop a comment or email us happytrails88@q.com

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