25 Days to Go - To Be or Not To Be

This is a replacement post.

I had a post beautifully written in my mind about having fun running, enjoying the great outdoors, getting in ~25 miles on trails in a reasonable time (under six hours for me), having renewed hope for Leadville...and then Bam!  (Madden chalkboard graphic if you please.)

Sudden pain in my shin.  In one particular spot.  And not a little bit.  Not good.  It has lasted since Saturday and only occurs when I put weight on it (rather inconvenient for running I must say).  I'm praying this is just a minor setback, but we shall see.  Never the less it put a dark cloud on what otherwise would have been me glossing on about the joie de vivre that comes from running.  You know, because that is pretty much all I ever write about.  :)


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