42 Days to Go - Less is More

Let's just get this over with.  I haven't run in six days.  No really.  I had my Sunday and Monday following Pike's peak running tagged as days off, and then on Tuesday, I started feeling some aching in my knee.  Not good.  Sort of feels like the overuse stuff I have had problems with in the past, albeit in the "good" knee this time.  Thus I haven't done anything, besides icing and such.  I'll probably go ahead and test it out today, but it does not bode well.  That being said I'm still planning on getting in 30+ miles on Saturday, ha.

On a much more exciting note,  Hardrock is on!  Check out live progress for, what seems to me, one of the kewlest ultras out there!  As of this moment, Scott Jaime is leading the way for the men and churning some serious mileage!

Also, if you need your fix of strangeness and bizarre motivation, you should probably go here.


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