18 Days to go - Try running?

Right so I ran today.  It was one mile.  My leg hurt.  Not a lot, but I could feel it.

I was supposed to go to the doctor today.  Only their appointment scheduler didn't bother to tell us that the location of the appointment was different than the office we called, in fact it was on the other side of town.  So no doctor.  And of course based on my usual disdain for doctors, combined with the fact that the leg has been feeling better, means I probably won't go back unless it gets worse.

All that is just background noise however, to what amounts to perhaps the biggest challenge of the entire training cycle and perhaps my entire "athletic" career.  This is a single event that has produced more fear and loathing than staring down a 100 mile run, gutting through heat sickness and vomiting, pushing through the pain of 670 straight days of running, or doing 20+ miles of hill repeats.  And it happens this afternoon...

Teh wifey signed me up for a sports massage.


I don't know why I - got signed up for a massage - I think I'll die.

I've never had a "professional" massage.  There are many good reasons for this.  The first is, I don't really care for the touching part.  And I've heard that isn't optional.  Then there are things like WHERE they might be touching and WHO might be doing the touching and WHAT I will have to be wearing (a parka?) during the touching, and for HOW long the touching will last ( one hour!!(#$@%!#$@%!@#%!~@#$%!-good googly).  Seriously.  Who invents these things?  Supposedly it will be good for me.  Right.  I would rather run Leadville with no Body Glide than do this. Anyone have any good ideas for excuses to get out of this?


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