7 Days to Go - Scanning the system

Hey, I went to the doctor today.

Then I went and took x-rays.

Tomorrow I will be having an MRI.

The doc, an orthopedic specialist, seemed to think that it was most likely a shin splint, but wanted to rule out a stress fracture.  In his estimation, if I try Leadville with a shin splint, I will only "put back my recovery and the state of the injury a LONG WAYS" but if I try it with a stress fracture I could "suffer a serious tibia fracture and you don't want that."  I guess at this point my face seemed to say "enh, doesn't sound too bad" so he repeated for emphasis "YOU DON'T WANT THAT."

What was especially funny was that his wife is doing Leadville for the second time.  So I guess, as he stated, he could relate to my craziness.

So here's to a nice, normal shin splint that is mostly healed by the time next Saturday rolls around.

To replace running, I have been thrashing about in a pool.  Repeating an old high school cross country staple, I've been wrapping a "water noodle" around my waist and doing "water running".  No impact, some cardio is the idea.  Honestly I have a really hard time getting my heart rate up doing this, so I usually wind up doing some swimming (if you can call it that) at the end.  My swimming form is so poor, that going a few hundred meters actually does get the ticker going pretty well.  It also usually inspires a few lifeguards to jump in and try and save me.


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