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I think I've started again.  For someone like me there is no such thing as a casual five mile run.  There has to be a reason.  Especially when it is on the treadmill.  So what reason is there to go do this.  Today I don't even know.  As usual it probably has to come down to doing something crazy.  Right now that is mostly just changing the status quo.

The last two months have been a down hill slide.  Not one of the slip 'n slides where you get a huge running start, leap into the air and slide about ten inches and wind up with a giant rug burn on the entire length of your body.  No I'm talking that tube of death at the water park that sends you straight down at 40mph, faster than your lunch that you left flying at the top of the ride.  Very little running, really bad eating, a whole lot of apathy all adds up to a big pork loin sandwich of /fail.


The game isn't over yet.  I've still got a few quarters lined up on the machine, and I intend to master my Pac Man pattern until I roll this bad boy.

Yeah, its going to take some big changes, yeah I'll probably try something dumb like running Leadville again, yeah the odds, as well as Inky, Blinky, and Clyde are stacked against me.

My reaction?  Ready!
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