Personal Ads

So I normally deflect, obscure, and muddy the waters.  I ask questions, I turn things around, I ask how you are doing.  I change the subject, I make obscure references to SpaceBalls, and I determine whatever it is you're interested in and engage my curiosity.   BUT I rarely ever get "personal".

Except today.

A while back (can't give away the D.O.B. of course...) we had a major change in our family.  Our fourth child was born.  No really.  It happened.  We were all surprised, for many reasons.    "Luke" is a little bundle of miracles and cuteness.  The three year old daughter is hopefully done praying for God to "change him" to a sister.  Given all we've been through, including all the parts of the roller coaster which is life, I didn't think I would ever see this little guy, but he is here.  The coach aka teh wifey wrote a summary of her thoughts over here.  (Warning:  There are no discussions about Yoghurt, Spaceballs the Flamethrower, or Combing the Desert.  I know, I'm trying.) Though I'm probably passing the buck as usual, she expresses our sentiments pretty well.

God is good.  I have a beautiful family and they are one of the greatest joys of my life.

p.s. How are you doing?


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