Your Gifts to Me

So the current header was intended to be seasonal.  I had expected that it would last a few months and then when the snow started to fly it would have to be replaced.  Yeah, about that.  Seeing as it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees on Christmas I suppose it will do for a little while longer.

So I'm currently doing background work on a 27 part series about "not listening to the voices".  To prepare and to do research I've been listening to the voices for the last week or so.  The voices say things like "You don't need to run" and "Hey I bet we can find the last hidden stash of peppermint bark!" and "couches are a most lovely invention".

Running is lurking, but that voice can't currently be heard above the din of the mob calling for seconds of deep fried Twinkies coated with chocolate served with a cup of "schnikes! how'd I get so fat?"

On that festive note, Merry Christmas to all.  If you were still struggling with what to get me as a gift, what I would like is a nice hard run done by you, on my behalf.  Think of it as a training gift card that is good for one tempo ten miler.  That should do nicely... thanks!  (For my birthday I'm hoping for a 30 mile training run on trails, just so you know.  The ones that are under six hours are really nice.)

Merry Christmas

p.s. My coach told me I needed to post more often.  I'm not sure this is what she had in mind.
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