2010 Year in Review - where I suddenly become an optimist. /snicker

Right.  So here we are.  Having this talk again.

Last year started with this.  I made some goals.  Let's review.

Goal:  "1. Be X-50"    Analysis: Right.  Next.

Goal:  "2. Run a 50 miler"  Analysis:  I actually tried two ultras; a 50k and a 50 miler prior to Leadville.  Results  FAIL and also, FAIL.

Goal: "3. Do whole body training"  Analysis:  Does vigrously moving my mouse a lot count?  FAIL.

Goal: "4. Run a 100 miler"  Analysis:  We all remember this, right?  FAIL.

Goal: "5. Enter the application for Hard Rock" and "6. Run the Race"  both N/As due to the aforementioned FAILs.

So to summarize, what we have here is a failure to communicate.  And achieve any goals at all.

However I was consistent. (OPTIMISM ALERT)

Honestly I know there was some sense of value from attempting these nut ball activities.  There was enjoyment to be had, good memories with friends, meeting some new folks, (POSITIVE SPIN?--- OPTIMISM) as well as a lot of puking, injuries, ultrasounds, approximately 1,324 Cliff bars eaten, more puking, promising to never run again, following through on that promise for about three months, puking, body glide stains on clothes, and lastly more puking.

The numbers say I made 905 miles for the year.  That is the most I've ever had!  (OPTIMISM)  Of course I had 740 by the end of July and one entire month where I did not run a step.  Ouch.

Needless to say, I'm back at it again.  Teh coach would rightly point out that I'm behind schedule, but I'm working the plan.

Tune in tomorrow for the unveiling of a new list of goals that will crash and burn in a raging death spiral,  (but close to a fire station so it won't take them too long to put out the blaze and thus save the surrounding countryside from an overwhelming conflagration.  (OPTIMISM!))


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