Marketing Based Bemusement

Diabetic SocksImage by Seth W. via Flickr
So on the current visit to my nearly defunct running blog, I was greeted by an adbrite ad for diabetic socks.  For those who have diabetes this is not funny.  For someone like me who has at times equated running with a last ditch effort to avoid morbid obesity this is both sardonic and motivational in a twisted sort of way at the same time.

I have run.   Not a lot, but I am working the plan (which has to be revised by teh coach on a weekly basis.)  Plans are being formed.  Ridiculous, big, hairy, audacious burritos are NOT being eaten.  And there is a general, vague effort being made towards improved fitness.  All of course to the end of potentially facing, the race that will not be named?  Time will tell.  For now I'm sticking to the drymax, and hitting F5 to see what new surprises will come.*

* (While adhering to all applicable TOS's everywhere...)

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