The Final Countdown

So my revealing confession of the day is that when I was in high screwl I was in band.  And not just in band, I played pep band.  I played a LOT of pep band.  I did a lot of different activities in high screwl, but none more consistently than playing in the pep band.  Having been in pep band there are a few songs which are permanently scarred into my subconscious.  This is one of them.

And thus the twisted connection in my brain is that the final countdown has begun. There are 177 days and ten hours until the 2011 Leadville 100 Trail Run begins. I am signed up. Again. This is good since the race has filled up a few months earlier than last year.

There is something even more twisted about signing up a second time. The first time, you are fairly ignorant as to the level of pain and suffering you have wrought upon yourself. The second time, you have a much better idea of what doing this will bring, and yet you sign up anyway.

Here's to embracing the pain!


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