20 at 13, Cheers!

So I ran twenty miles on Saturday.

I believe I have run more than twenty miles on exactly thirteen occasions. That really isn't very many. Three failed ultras (35, 31, and 23 miles), two official marathon finishes (26.2 each time, go figure :)), and now eight training runs of more than twenty miles with the longest being forty (does that count as two twenties?). I had not run more than twenty miles since this memorable moment, and that was eight months ago. Time flies.

There is something satisfying about breaking that barrier of twenty miles.  I guess your speed and pace matter even less than normal if you've gone at least twenty miles.  There is less speed mockery when you can come back with, "well yeah but I went twenty!"  It's nice.

The course was all on trails and some dirt roads.  Most of it was in Homestead Ranch Regional Park.  There were some pretty decent climbs and there weren't a lot of pancake-flat sections.  Other than a water/dehydration mix up I felt pretty good throughout.  I'm not in good shape, but I'm finally building up a bit of endurance.  I had been sort of doing the internal debate of even running, but thanks to some "tough love" motivation from teh wifey/coach I did it.  Thanks G.E.

What does all of this mean?  It just means I have 18 more long runs to...enjoy...

Here's to twenty milers! Cheers!


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