665 Miles to go - An Ode to my DNF at the 2011 Greenland 50k.

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My tiny trot around the Greenland trail
did not proceed as far as once was thought.
I should have stopped and brought along a pail,
to have a place that spew and chunks be caught.
My inability to hold my drink
has once again confused and vexed my mind.
This inauspicious tale is not so fun
Although it gives a show to those that think
the shouting at my shoes is still unkind.
The rub?  I stopped. Defeat.  I should have run.

The course was long but many held the line
and pushed along four loops of windy fare.
Eight mile repeats, green lands, the heat did shine
and blisters grew and raged in my footwear.
All this belies my fundamental fall,
to listen to the voices of despair.
I stopped and pondered each refrain of doubt
and gave ear to lies of comfort, there's the gall.
I will not linger in this place of care,
It's time to tie the laces and run...out.

Race Report Summary:  Three laps (23 miles), puking, dehydration, giving up, regretting it, resolving to try again.

p.s. In honor of this disgrace to the English Ode, all comments should be in Iambic Pentameter.  :)
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