697 Miles to Go - Greenland 50k eve

Well I'm running tomorrow.  I've run exactly three times since the race two weeks ago.  I hadn't planned this but the severe congestion I came away from the race with has been lingering and making me sick.  I also hadn't planned a taper, but I guess it is my blessing in disguise.

The cutoff for this race is eight hours.  This is one less than Cheyenne.  That is only 4mph.  This is very doable.

I've made a few changes in the hydration/nutrition plan.  I'm back to hitting Perpetuem as the primary source of calories.  I dropped some electrolyte tabs in my hydration pack, and I'm going to try SCaps instead of Endurolytes if I need them.  The forecast says 80+ degrees so I assume I will need them.

Mantra of the day is don't stop moving.  It's a law of averages.  If I keep moving, albeit slowly, the average stays up.  Stopping kills the average.  Must keep moving.

It's time to drop two letters and turn last year's DNF into a F.  Maybe a F!  Maybe a Fast Finish!  Maybe a Flaming Fast Five Furious Finish? F's all around.  Even DFL will be fine.

Game on.


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