40 Days and 40 Nights

A Mountain Dew can.                          Image via Wikipedia  Caffeine via I.V. 
The countdown is getting serious now.

40 Days to go.

220 miles of training to go.

Two more "hard" weeks of training to go (e.g more than 60 miles per week).

320 hours of quality sleep to go.

2,347 bypassed cans of Mountain Dew to go.

40,000 net calories to go.

23 lucid dreams about Leadville where I'm either running naked or get lost, to go.  (Wait, are those dreams?)

Losing a four year old child off my back to go. (buh bye poundage)

One fifty mile ultramarathon warmup redemption race to go.

One stroll on the red carpet at 6th and Harrison to go.

I'm really not obsessive compulsive about this thing, it just sort of sneaks into my mind every two or three seconds.

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