Drinky Drink

Ok.  Enough of that nonsense.

The honesty and critical introspection phase of the blog is over.  It lasted 24 hours longer than I like.  It's time to run.

Try #2 at 50 miles didn't go so well, I figure, why not try again?  So I'm going to, on Saturday.  70 miles this week, 50 miles on Saturday, location TBD.  Why don't they have 50 milers every weekend instead of 5ks?  I'm not pretending last week didn't happen because I have to learn from it and get stronger.  Whoah sorry sounds a little self-helpy.  I'll leave that to this guy.

I've been reading AGAIN on hydration and all of that.  Here is an interesting article on the Succeed site.  I particularly like the chart which shows various symptoms that might be experienced while working out and  how it positions them by Low, Medium, High levels of Hydration and of electrolytes.

Here is an excerpt of where I find myself most often, usually after about five minutes of running...

"Hydration: LOW
Electrolytes LOW
Hyponatremia with dehydration
Likelihood:  rare
Weight is down a few pounds or more
Thirst is high, and salty foods taste good
Mouth is dry, can’t spit
May have cramping
Skin is dry and may tent if pinched
May have dizziness on standing up
Causes: insufficient drinking, no electrolyte 
What to do: Take electrolytes and drink 
sports drink or water
Copyright SUCCEED! Sportsdrink LLC, 

Thus I am reexamining my hydration strategy.  One particular item that I often see thrown about is the statistic of how much liquid your body can absorb in one hour.  I see it over and over again stated (almost universally without a reference to actual research) that you can only absorb 32 oz / hour.  Now I assume there must be some research to support this but I sure would like to read this myself.  Any hydration researchers out there?

Finally, here is my random Leadville Race report of the week.  I can not help myself when it comes to reading these things.  If I'm an expert at anything it is Leadville Race reports, because I've read hundreds of them.  I enjoyed RUTrunner's because of the great detail he put in on each part of the race, very informative!


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