Flashbacks and Running Advice

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About 360 days ago, I wrote this post.  Strangely enough I should probably post it again.

I have today, very exciting news.  I was all set to go start my re-re-re-redemption try again tour part four when I suddenly have pain in my shin again.  In the same spot as one year ago.  The pain isn't as bad, though I also seem to have a slightly sprained foot which causes me to limp.  This is good stuff.  No really.  I am a newly born optimist.  All these things can come to good.  The shin pain, which I'm assuming will go away with a few days of rest (optimism) will only prevent me from doing crazy things like trying to run 50 miles again, this weekend, and force me into a normal taper.  This is good.  If I didn't have these last minute injuries I would probably go crazy and try to hit eighty mile weeks when at this point it does me absolutely no good.  So.  Let the taper begin.

Also let the running advice begin.  Look there are a LOT of things you can read about running.  There are a lot of things you can read about ultras.  There are experts, and coaches, and pfffbbbtt people talking who've actually finished races, but when I need the bottom line, rock solid, no doubt about it running advice, there is only one source to go to.  My perpetually dancing, prancing, and smiling  four year old daughter.

Here are quotes from tonight's dinner about the running strategy I should use..

"Don't sit down by the side of the road and quit."
"When you get tired, just walk for a while."
"Start slow, then get faster."
"When you get to the end, run as fast as you can."
"Don't you quit Daddy!"  (said with a half serious/half grinning face)

What else do you need to know?
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