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I am ready to go.

Someone asked me the always asked question of, "Are you ready?" in reference to Saturday's North Fork 50 miler.  The way my brain worked, I instantly tried to think of a reason for why I'm not.  I couldn't think of one.

I don't have a ton of miles but I've had some good hard runs.  I've put in some relevant mileage.  Other than a few shin twinges my legs feel fresh and ready to tear up the mountain.  I could be a lot lighter but I'm on my way down.  I'm leaner and meaner than I was last year.  I know how I will feel after nine hours in the heat.  I know I will want to stop, but right now I'm preparing to do what is necessary.  I will feel pain, I will want to quit, I will want to slow down, I will want to give up.  I will not.

Instead, I'm going to have fun running 50 miles in the mountains.

Bill S. Preston, Esquire would demand nothing less.

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