Final Weigh In

My eyes are bleeding from looking at pacing spreadsheets.

I tweaked my knee and it feels like I strained a ligament.

I am second and third and fifty-fourth guessing all of my gear, training, and general personal hygiene choices.

We have more packed than will ever fit into two vans.


It must be time for Leadville.

364 days of training and waiting for another shot are just about upon us.

God is good, and getting to this point is success.  There are a whole lot of friends coming and pacing and running and it will be fun just to be there.

Right now I choose to believe.  I choose to toe the line and give it my best.  I choose to not quit, to speed up when it hurts, and to faithfully honor those who have supported me by doing everything I can to cross the line at 6th and Harrison in under 30 hours.  If it was easy, it wouldn't be fun.  :)

See you at Hope Pass.


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