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Cheyenne Mountain photographed from outside of...Image via WikipediaSo.  There have been some kewl things happening in the running world.

First of all there was this.  Chris, an amazing streak runner, finished 1000 days of running.  Incredible!  Amazing.  Having done a small streak myself I feel like I can appreciate a little of what he went through.  He had some crazy stuff happen including dog bites, sickness, injuries,  etc. but still managed to persevere.  Very inspiring stuff if you ask me.

Then there was this.    A couple of - awesome people/uber fast runners/trail fiends had an amazing race.  Sounds simple, but there is so much joy in the race report you should really check it out.  My favorite word in the whole report is the use of the term "Ahem."

Third of all there was this.    Teh wifey has been working in some runnin' and followed it with some racin'.      She competed in the Xterra Trail Half-Marathon at Cheyenne Mountain Park this past Saturday.  Let me tell you the conditions were intense.  The temperature never got above 40 degrees and it rained/snowed the entire time.  The trails were complete mud, the rocks were slick, and for whatever reason none of the aid stations had any food?!?  Despite all of that she crossed the finish line with a smile on her face and I'm quite sure she wouldn't have had it any other way.  Hard Core!

I dunno about you but I love and am inspired by seeing friends and family experiencing joy and success and I just had to share.

p.s. I started training again.

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