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Rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen                       Image via WikipediaSo I went to the store to pick up a few things today.  There was no sale.  Everything was listed at the full price.  There were no discounts, no 10% off coupons, no buy six get one free.  There was no frequent shopper card, no volume discounts, no free dessert on your birthday.  Everything at this store costs what it costs and you can either pay the price or go home empty handed.

Today I went shopping for some new goals.

Here is what I came up with, along with the corresponding price.

1.  Goal:  I would like to change a certain number from a "2" to a "1".  
     Price:  Eat consistently right, track progress, don't fall into destructive cycles, get back to running.

2. Goal: I would like to become a meathead  (aka muscle-bound oaf)  (or at least be able to do more than one pushup)
    Price:  Learn what a Romanian Dead Lift is, and follow the plan that my olympian meathead friend sent to me.  Also, I must abandon hope of lifting my arms above my head the day after I "lift".

3. Goal: I would like to finish a 100 miler,  finish the Leadville 100, qualify and run the Hardrock 100.
     Price:  Run.  Also, run some more.  Finally, keep running and don't stop.  Then again, I might have to run.  The other thing I was thinking was that I will probably have to do a bit of  running.

4. Goal:  Run a sub 20 minute 5k.  (stop laughing)
    Price:  Speed work,  Consistency of workouts, Lose the piano  (see #1 above)

5.  Goal:  Run an ultra with teh wifey.
     Price:  Convince her having two people training for an ultra is possible while still remembering the names of our children.

6.  Goal:  Do all of the above and still be the husband, father, servant, family member, friend, and rodeo clown that I want to be.
     Price:  Find balance?

So that is quite a shopping list.  I'm not sure I can afford all of these.  I might have to pick and choose.  I might have to put some on layaway and save up.  All that being said, I have some money in my pocket and may  have to spend it on a few things.  After all, the price might go up.  The store might close.  I might not be able to afford these fun things some day.  Think they take credit?

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