Signing on the dotted line.

Issues in Mental Health NursingImage via WikipediaI signed up again.

I have performed this  crazy act before...

So why try again?

Why go through all the pain and suffering?  The early mornings, the late nights, the lost time for doing other things with family and friends, the mental grind, the push, the cost, the mental anguish, the endless lubrication, the sweating, the stiff joints and aches in the morning, the dread of another high mile week, the sticky pockets from stuffing food in them for multi-hour runs, the loneliness......the solitude, the peace, the putting out big mileage numbers, the sweet ache of working out hard, the pore-cleansing sweat taking off pounds, the smooth joy of Body Glide, the challenge of working for something hard, the reward from achieving that something hard, the visceral feel of moving in a direction with purpose, the thrill of the fight to say yes when everything and everyone says no, having friends and family join you in the crazy adventure, being up and out and in the wilds when everyone else is in bed...

Wait, what was the question?

The answer is, I'm in.

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