Four Months to Go

Four months to go.

Not four months until the race.  Not four months until my birthday.  Not four months until the Olympics.

Just four months to go.  March, April, May, and June.  Four months of decisions.

Every day for the next four months I have to answer the question.  It is a very simple question, but the answer is difficult to give.

Do you want to finish?

The next four months will be the critical period of training and transformation.  It is the proverbial putting up hay in the barn.  There is no time for cruise control, no time for lackadaisical, haphazard indifference, no time for waiting until tomorrow, no time for bad nutrition, no time for skipped workouts, no time, no time, no time.

In four months I'll be running a fifty mile warm up race that I have failed at twice before.  If I pay the price between now and then I will be ready for the race and I will have laid the foundation for August.  If I don't give the right answer every day between now and then, well there's no make up quiz.

I'll give an answer to this daily question in three ways:

  1. What I eat.
  2. How I train.
  3. Making the hard choice.
Pretty simple right?  It just takes some blood, sweat, tears, a whole lot of body glide, and some desire.  It's always a question of desire.  Are you willing to pay the price or not?  Are you willing to sacrifice the time,  push through the pain, embrace the difficult path and bypass the easy one?  We'll all find out on August 18-19th.    Just know, that I will have already answered the question about 122 times between now and then.


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