Game Day

Cheyenne Mountain photographed from outside of...
Weather forecast?  Pain and suffering.   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well here we go again.

Tomorrow is the 2nd edition of the Cheyenne Mountain Trail 50k.  I am signed up to run it...again.  Last time was pretty eventful, it represented the first and only time I have actually finished one of these ultra things I keep trying.

There's not a lot that lends itself to success coming into the race.  Prior to Tuesday I had not run in two weeks due to some nasty bronchitis and fever.  I'm still on antibiotics.  The whole, lose the piano, effort has been going backwards.  My conditioning going into the race has been really rather mixed.  Also, I'm a little discouraged that Alan Trammell never gets recognition from Hall of Fame voters.  But I digress.  Optimism is running a bit low.  However...

Here are the positives:

Teh wifey is running it!  (She is going to smoke her first ultra!  And beat me by at least two hours!)
They shortened the course.  (Last year it was a mile or two long...)
I have awesome shoes.  (Orthopedic fat guy shoes ftw!)
It looks like there might not be snow this year!  (Actually that was a fun part.)
I don't have to imagine how bad North Talon will feel on the second lap.  I know!
I have a new hydration/salt strategy.  (I'm thinking something like this....)

Mighty Deer Lick 22340 Sweet Acorn Salt Lick Block
Sweet Acorn flavor!

There isn't even 10,000 feet of elevation gain.  Psssht it's like running on a track! (9800' approximately).  

All that to say this thing will clearly be a walk in the park.  Albeit, that walk may take me nine hours...See you at the finish.  (Assuming it isn't packed up again by the time I get there...  :)


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