Forecast: Pain

Terry Tate Office Linebacker Demotivational
My pain train still thinks 8 minute miles are fast.
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Yes, the pain train is coming.  Not in the farm of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. (Language warning.)

No my pain comes in the form of a new assistant coach.  So teh wifey has been and will forever more serve as my running head coach.  She does the dirty work, the reminding me who it was that signed up for this silly Leadville thing, the formulating the master running plan, and being the crew chief for all the races.  However now I have an additional coach.

With my "win" of D.F.L. at Cheyenne I won a prize!  Two months of professional coaching.  I wasn't really sure about this whole idea, but the head coach insisted I give it a try.  My theory is the great Cheyenne 50k folks are trying to make sure I actually run a little faster next time and I don't blame them.  However with the new coach, there are a few additions to my training regime.

The first is pain.  The second is running fast.  Strangely, these two things are related.  I suppose I had gotten into some comfortably bad habits of running long, running easy, and running slow.  It seems that the new coach (need a nickname) has some other ideas.  So for the last couple of weeks I have been running intervals, running hard hill repeats and still getting about 50 miles / week in.  I am told this is good for me.  I do know that it is good for the frequency of my whining.

Nevertheless it is a fun challenge and I'm giving it my best.  Two months of hard training to Leadville.  Three weeks to North Fork.  All aboard to Painsville.
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