Making this look good

This is called fun.
Hello cruel world.  Recently I've been notified that certain crazy fools will soon be running a one hundred mile trail race in the mountains of Colorado.  I've also been reminded that I am signed up for it.  Again.
I've wondered whether there is a point at which signing up for something like this, training for this and then falling well short of success starts to border on psychosis.  Nonetheless  I am intending to toe the line and give everything I have to try.

The build up has been a wee but short of ideal.  My mileage is down,  the training consistency is erratic,  and the plan has been long abandoned.  I've had a couple injuries that took weeks away, a current knee injury I've been in physical therapy for during the last two weeks.  Then just last week I pulled another brilliant move and hurt my foot while playing basketball.  I haven't been able to walk without pain or run at all since that time.  Did I mention they just added three miles and another 800' of climb to the course at the last minute?

All that is real cute.  However at this point everything that happens is happening for the good.  Foot injury?  Plantar Fascitis gives shooting pain?  Just means I won't fall asleep while running through the night.  Knee giving fits, patellar tracking issues?  Just means I'll get to apply repeated tape jobs that all my adoring fans can sign along the route.  ('Cus I like to give back to the people.)  Poor mileage?  Inconsistent training?  Grossly out of shape?  Just gonna fine tune my mental determination.  Add more miles and more elevation gain to the course?   Psssht please.  The thing was too easy to begin with.  This just means I'll be in the first class of the "enhanced" course.

OK I almost went the whole way on the egregious optimism.  Couldn't quite make it.  But I will make it to the starting line...and when you go ahead and start never know what might happen.

Buckle up.


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