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A runner's commentary on the elevation profile.

It feels a bit odd to write something about running with all the craziness happening in the world today.

Nonetheless here we are.  Despite my lack of a real race report for PBville 2012 I'm ready to embark on another running adventure.  Run Rabbit Run 100 miler starts on Friday.  You can follow me here. My bib number is #284.

20,000' + of elevation gain.  First five miles, straight up a ski hill.  The usual ludicrousness.  This is winding up being my experiment of attempting an ultra with almost no training and a bum knee.  I think I've run a half a dozen times in the last month.  Thus the expectations are low, and I won't be pushing myself to lasting injury, but I will toe the line and wander around the woods for a bit.

It should be fun as a "tortoise" to watch the "hares" run around during the race.  There will be some big names trying to nab a part of the $40,000 of prize money.

New day, new adventure.  Goin' 'til they cut me. 


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