Remember when

Run Rabbit Run 2012 (Hares)
Remember when you first started running?

Maybe you were a kid in elementary P.E. class.  "Take a lap"

Maybe you were on an athletic team, first day of practice, three miles, out to the cemetery and back.

Maybe you were in college and realized the dorm buffet was taking it's toll, so you strapped on some Vans and hit the pavement.

Maybe you were in your mid-twenties living on your own, you decide that maybe there is something to that whole healthy living thing, or maybe you just want to make sure you're lookin' gooood...

Maybe you were in "mid-life" and realized some of those health conditions your parents had are starting to crop up in your own visits to the M.D.

Maybe you've "started" a dozen times already, and today was a new "start"

Maybe you had a serious health intervention and the doctor said, exercise or ELSE!

Maybe you're really young, something with grand and parent, maybe even great? and you say to yourself, you know self I always wanted to try that running thing....

All these things result in "starting"

Starting has some glamour to it.  Something to share with friends, the energy of a starting line, the endorphins of actually DOing something.  And of course it might be easy to get distracted by tomorrow and Day 2 and will I do it again?  But for now, let's just savor the start.  The origination, the initiation, the inception of a streak, a change, a habit, a passion.  The beginning of something big?

Remember any good starts?
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