Where everybody knows your name... Cheyenne Mountain 50k preview


There's a trail race coming up.

It's on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado.

There are several variants including a 50k.

I am signed up.  Again.

This will be the third year I have attempted it;  it is the third year of the race.

As has been wellchronicled in previous blog entries, I am the two time defending D.F.L.  My goal?  Give someone else the crown.

The crown of King Christian IV of Denmark, cur...
The D.F.L. crown.  In my own mind.
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Finishing a race, and finishing as the D.F.L.  is kind of neat.  The first time.  Even struggling through and suffering through a long day and finish ( twenty minutes faster!) and still winding up D.F.L. a second time?  No shame in that.  But finishing a race for a third straight time, and winding up D.F.L. again?  I'm afraid they might rename the award after me.


Now of course in order to reach this goal I have made thorough preparations.  The workouts, the plan?  Well essentially, my training has been impeccable.  my training has consisted of  numerous skipped workouts, lazy pacing, and generally apathetic running
I've done the physical preparations and trimmed down and lost the piano in preparation for the numerous hills.  Baldwin is still my sponsor.
And I'm mentally confident and ready to attack the course.  ready to give up many days in advance?

Right.  Should be a long day.  (I think the newly implemented cutoff was created just for me.  :)

All that being said it is a great race to do.  I stopped by Colorado Running Company and picked up my packet.  It speaks volume of the race and the management that they recognize me and are still willing to hand me a race bib when they know that means they have to stay on the course for many extra hours.  Andrea and her crew are great and so encouraging.  If you need a trail race on your calendar you really should be out there for this one!  I offered to carry a flag and lead the nine hour pace group.    Though they didn't take me up on it.

I'd love to finish in about eight hours, though considering I'm gassed after about fifteen minutes, that may be a bit of a challenge.

But don't we all need a challenge?  I have mine.  The D.F.L. is going down!

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Moriah said…
Moriah said…
I'e really like to hear your running thoughts. . . I know that you have a few, every now and then. . .:)

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