Day 46

Ran 3.1 miles in 35:06. Ran all of it at 5.3mph. Got it done, starting to get a cold. Legs don't feel perfect, but not really bad either. Keep on keepin'on. Less than 30 days til the first 5-k. Want to run less than 30 minutes, but perhaps that is not realistic. Have to check and see what my first practice 5-k was at, there probably wasn't that much improvement. Course running with people might make it faster, but then it will be outside so it will be slower. We'll give it a shot.


Linnea said…
Hey my 5k is in a week. My goal is also 30 minutes. How about it I make it you have to come here and pat me on the back and if you make it then I have to go there. If we both do then... maybe we can meet in the middle?
Ace said…
Sounds sweet. You are awesome, and are definitely going to make it. Are you going to freeze your buns off?

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