Day 367 or Day 1 take two?

Thanks for all the congrats.  I feel pretty good about having set a goal and actually achieving it.  The part I didn't mention in Day 366's post was that I seem to have hurt my back in a couple different places.  Lower back pain plus a strained muscle in my back leave me unable to stand up straight for any length of time.  Thus running lately has been pure joy.  Probably the worst days of running in the streak have been yesterday and today.  Today it was 1.0 in about 14:45 minutes of waddling (still technically running) and groaning, moaning, and bending over while running.  It wasn't pretty, but its done.  Hopefully it gets better soon.  

As for next year, good question.   One proposal that sounded nice was 365 days of no running.  My friend in Iraq is proposing a marathon, but that sounds like a whole lot of pain and suffering to me. Running.  Who'da thunk it?



Popsie said…
Hi Dude! Sorry to hear that the back is bothering you. If it anything like may be that you have a cold that settled in there. When I was your age i would get a back ache that sometimes lasted for a month. I have had xrays + etc. but they never found anything wrong. In my later years (mature) I have felt that it is associated with having a cold! I treat it with vitiamin c and other cold remedies. It sure seems to go away a lot faster then it did before.
For a resolution try something on your new property. Fence building ... ditch digging ...planting trees....pouring footing for the sheds etc.

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