My name is Mud

So sometimes in life you pull really boneheaded moves.  Like the time I forgot to check my passport to see if it needed renewal until three days before I left on an international trip (it had expired.)  or the time my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to throw snowballs at cars, or most recently the time I omitted my sister in the thanks to the blog commenters video.  Right.

There isn't any way I can take that back, but here's an attempt to rectify the situation.

Thanks sis.  Since we are always thinking the same thing about everything, hopefully you know that I love you and think you are the bestest.  

p.s. She ran a half-marathon on TWO training runs?  Is she not teh awesome?

p.p.s. For all the other peoples I forgot...I'm going to start another blog


Linnea said…
Hahah... ahh... bro. You da man! You KNOW I was just givin ya a mandatory hard time though. I think the ultra calls our name! Although I think I better put in four or five training runs for that one. Heh.
joyRuN said…

My brother would SO pick that soundtrack to describe me too!

My role as big sis is to torture him ;)

Soooo... where's the animoto with YOU in it?
X-Country2 said…
I love your new potential blog. I'd TOTALLY read that. :o)
try running said…
man, 2 videos in 2 days...
I bet for day three you can get a sweet ab workout in and show us the JG dvd2!!

I'm editing 50mFR right now. Seriously.

Oh, and you should lay out the training plan for the ultra that you want to run. Are you planning on getting in a couple 30 milers? I can't even begin to think of how to train well for that
Nitmos said…
I gave up trying to give specific shout outs to folks for this reason...I always forget someone.

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