574 Miles to Go - 50 and 50

So this post hasafewprecedents...

Check it fools!  I done run fast.  Thirty-one miles fast.  You like that?  You want some more?  Chew on it for a while running suckahs.  You feeling my speed, my amazing endurance, and sweet aroma (just go with it)?  Yeah you like it, I know you do.  That's why you keep coming back for more.  I pity the fool that tries to get me on that plane...

/end Mr.T inspired rant

You probably didn't know it, but there was a very elite race today, run out in the boondocks of Colorado.

It is called the First Annual Streakrun.com No Puke 50k.  And hey I was the winner and also set the course record!  Pretty sweet for me. The race was, in fact, so exclusive that I was the only runner.  But hey, it made race management much easier.  Though that one guy did complain a lot.

I ran fifty kilometers today.   My time was 7:14 or so.  That is around one hour and forty-five minutes faster than this other 50k I finished.  Admittedly today's course was much easier, (2500' of elevation gain?) but hey a "PR" is a "PR", especially when it happens in a "race", right?  The big change today was there was no eruption of Mount Krakatoa.  I basically drank three to four swallows of water every eight to ten minutes and ate a Gel every thirty minutes.  On this day, it worked perfectly.  My shoes were clean and the side of the road had no liquid fertilizer.  It helped that the extreme wind kept things rather cold (optimism at fighting through the sand storm?) so I didn't have to try and figure out additional salt.  Also I ate bacon.  Eating bacon always results in fast times, guaranteed.  It's a universal truth.

Today I really started visualizing Leadville.  It helped that I started running this morning at 3:45AM.  And I actually felt encouraged.  My time was almost suggestive that I might even make a few cutoffs.  This is nice.  Here's to 50ks under eight hours and weekly mileage totals over fifty.

p.s.  Do you think a mohawk would enhance my professional work appearance?


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