Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 120

Ran one mile this morning in about 11:30. Lifted weights.

Day 119

Ran 47 minutes. I'm estimating 4.15 miles using gmaps pedometer. ATM I'm sort of disgusted about something else, so I'm done....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 118

Ran outside, 1.6 miles in 18 minutes. The old school loop.

Day 117

Ran one mile outside in 12 minutes. This doesn't count the hour of running around coaching/reffing soccer. I'm sore....

Day 116

Uhhhh right I did run. How far? I think it was 20 mins 1.9 miles. I could be wrong. :)

Day 115

No time to run. Ran one mile in approx. 10:54 5.5 pace.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 114

Back at it, feeling pretty decent. Ran twenty minutes at 5.4. 1.8 miles or so. I want to get the daily average for mileage higher. Right now it is at 1.45 miles / day. It was 1.4 til I ran an hour and that bumped it. Its going to take a lot to get it higher, but it is possible. It would nice to hit say 600 or 650 miles for the year. Listen to me, like I'm going to make it even one more day, ha.

Day 113

Not much time to run today. Finished soccer practice and "waddled" one mile around the block a couple of times. Sore a little bit, but not bad. 12:30? I told you I waddled...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 112

Ran for one hour straight. Check it fools. Take that. You like it? You want more? You gonna get more and you're gonna eat it, and you're gonna like it. Running is for suckahs.

5.27 miles
5.3 mph

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 111

Ran one mile at 5.3 in 11:19. Left shin hurting a bit, overuse the last few days

Day 110

Ran thirty minutes at 5.3. 2.65 miles. A little foot sore, but not bad. Probably upping things too much, but when you start feeling better its hard to hold back. Why is the first five minutes of running always the worst? If I can get past that things are generally ok.

Day 109

Ran twenty minues again, all at 5.3 Approx. 1.8 miles. Feeling good. Still can't breathe but feeling good otherwise.

Day 108

Playing catchup on the updates here. Ran 20 minutes, 6:30 at 5.3, 13:30 at 5.5. approx. 1.83 miles. Feeling good still a little sick but getting after it again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 107

Sick but no fever. Slept in got up late ran one mile around the block in 11:30. Yeah. Me. I'm a penguin says my wife, must mean I waddle a lot.

Day 106

Still sick, should have stayed home, got to go to work, and soccer practice. Ran after chasing the five year olds arounds. For some stupid reason ran about 21 minutes, distance, 1.75? 1.8? Dunno. Feel dehydrated.

Day 105

Sicker. Fever, aches, throat, head. Running is fun. One mile, twelve minutes 30 seconds. Outside around the block twice.

Day 104

Ran outside one mile. I am sick. This is not gonna be fun. 12 minutes.

Day 103

Ran one mile in ten minutes on the treadmill. Last day in San Francisco. Ran at like 4:45 in the morning. Early flight. I didn't want to do it, but it is so much easier getting it done early, and not having to do it later.

Week 15 totals

Mileage 8.95
Time: 100:30
Average miles: 1.28
Average time: 14:21

Sick this week, it was a down week. Gonna bounce back when I get better...

Totals for the year so far:
Total mileage: 147.74
Total time: 1684:31 (mins:secs)
Total average miles: 1.407
Total average time: 16:02

Year long projections
Mileage: 514.98 miles
Time: 5871:42
Average miles:

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 102

Ran 20 minutes at 5.3 mph. 1.76 miles. Nice and easy, and not the laundry detergent or w/e that is....

Day 101

Ran 15 minutes at 5.3. 1.33 miles. I think running at sea level is nice. Easier than 65oo'. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 100

See above.

20 minutes. 1.86 miles. 5.3 for 10, 6.0 for 10.

Week 14 totals

Mileage: 10.45
Time: 115 minutes 28 seconds
Average mileage: 1.49
Average time: 16:29

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 99

Tight start to the day, so I ran one mile in 11:30 or so. Then I headed off to the conference. Tomorrow is a major milestone!

Day 98

Closing in on the big triple digits. Ran 20 minutes today for approx. 1.75 miles. 5.3 mph pace. Felt good, could have gone farther! Gonna have to get up early with this crazy conference schedule coming up.....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 97

Hey I'm in San Francisco for the RSA security conference. Staying at the "fabulous" Serrano Hotel, in the extreme dump that is downtown San Francisco. They do have a survivable fitness room with a couple of treadmills so I hit that today for 15 minutes, 1.3 miles. I won't be running outside seeing as I will likely be mugged. ;)

Day 96

Long run, ooooooh so long. Ran for thirty minutes, 2.65 miles at 5.3 mph. Felt pretty good, though there is a funky pain at the top of my knee cap, and the usual Achilles tendinitis. Get 'r done.

Day 95

Ran outside. 1.25 miles? 15 minutes? pain and suffering today.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Week 13 Totals

As usual this is behind the times.

Total miles: 9.75
Total time: 115 minutes.
Average miles: 1.39
Average time: 16:25

Total miles so far:128.34 Hey I ran to Butte and back!
Total time so far: 24 hours 27 minutes. I made it past a day of running!
Total average miles: 1.41
Total average time: 16:08

Year long projections
Mileage: 514.7
Time: 5890 minutes.

Day 94

Ran one mile at 5.5 mph pace in 10:55. Didn't really want to be there, and had to drop off the van and make it to a meeting. Joy.

Need to run farther. Feel pretty good.

Day 93

OK I ran in the morning again. Its nice to be done with it early. I think I ran 1.5 miles, but I don't really remember. And I think it was 15-16 minutes, but I don't really remember. And I think I remember how to spell my name, but I don't really remember.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 92

Ran one mile in 9:33. top speed was 7.5 mph. Walked to fill out 20 minutes. No shin or knee pain, felt pretty good other than the Achilles. All I talk about is pain I think....