Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Housemates Have Got to Go!

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What is it about "long" runs that produce deep thoughts?  I'm sure Jack Handey has something to say about that.  During a run this last Saturday and afterwards in a "Deep Thoughts" conversation with teh wifey/coach, I thought a lot about self-doubts.  Let's be honest here, I have a lot of them  ( like, I'm not sure that I will ever be able to play disc golf for a living).  And for a long time I've let them rule the roost.  These things are powerful, they are not easily cast aside, especially when they've been entrenched for a long time and have grown comfortable in their surroundings.  (Mine have a nice butt groove going on the living room couch.)  So how do you cast them off? How do you get rid of the unwanted cohabitants? By what means do you free yourself to go and take the risks necessary to fail and grow and try again and finally "succeed"?  Why did I ever make the horrific decision to watch Coccoon II:  the Return?  All good questions.

In a coincidence, there was an article about that exact topic over at Zen Habits, a site I occasionally peruse (I also peruse this occasionally).  I liked the article, (my inadequate in-sentence summary of which is, go try, see/measure the successes you are actually having, and keep trying until you succeed more) but there was still doubt in my mind about this approach (shocking!)  Getting out and trying seems like a good first step to success, but seeing the success is where it seems to break down.  Those of us carrying around a backpack full of self-doubts (or Yoda) have a hard time seeing any success at all.  In fact what frequently happens is that we try and then at the first sign of failure, all the familiar dialogue lines come out.  "This will never work."  "There is no hope."  or "There is NO WAY I can get a gigantic X-Wing out of that mud hole by using a knobby stick and frowning a lot!"  Or even when the encouragers in our life try to help us see the success we poo poo it or pass it off as "they don't know what they are talking about!"  So what to do?

I don't have any superlative answers, but here is my three step program of what I'm going to try.

1.  Do it.  Stop waiting, procrastinating, making excuses, wasting time in distractionary activities, and engage.
2. Silence the voices in my head.  (Earplugs?)
3. If it doesn't work go to #1.  (GoTo Loops are my BASIC programming speciality)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Personal Ads

So I normally deflect, obscure, and muddy the waters.  I ask questions, I turn things around, I ask how you are doing.  I change the subject, I make obscure references to SpaceBalls, and I determine whatever it is you're interested in and engage my curiosity.   BUT I rarely ever get "personal".

Except today.

A while back (can't give away the D.O.B. of course...) we had a major change in our family.  Our fourth child was born.  No really.  It happened.  We were all surprised, for many reasons.    "Luke" is a little bundle of miracles and cuteness.  The three year old daughter is hopefully done praying for God to "change him" to a sister.  Given all we've been through, including all the parts of the roller coaster which is life, I didn't think I would ever see this little guy, but he is here.  The coach aka teh wifey wrote a summary of her thoughts over here.  (Warning:  There are no discussions about Yoghurt, Spaceballs the Flamethrower, or Combing the Desert.  I know, I'm trying.) Though I'm probably passing the buck as usual, she expresses our sentiments pretty well.

God is good.  I have a beautiful family and they are one of the greatest joys of my life.

p.s. How are you doing?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A blog post - also, I hired a coach.

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In my preparation for doing ridiculous things like oh you know taking a second shot at the "ultra which will not be named", I have pulled out all the stops.  No stone will go unturned in my preparations this time around.  In fact I have hired a professional coach.  (no not that kind)  She is the most knowledgeable person about running I know.  She is herself extremely fast, has incredible endurance, and has a storied running career.  Plus she has coached very successful athletes including winning college athletes and one who went on to be on national teams and win Leadville.  If you want to hire her on for your own training, good luck, she charges a lot.

One of the first steps in engaging her as a coach was to agree to do another blog post (she likes reading them).  Though I don't think she thought this would be the topic. The other step was to agree to do some of the things she tells me to do.  That one may be debatable...  By the way did I mention that she is in every imaginable way hawtsawss?

I think the coaching and accountability will help.  The custom training plan she produced has some serious long runs, some races in the buildup and way more miles than I even want to think about right now.  However it is smart as well, recovery days, build up cycles, it's the good stuff.  There are forty-one weeks to go.  I guess I'd better get running.

Thanks for the plan honey*.

p.s. The check is in the mail....

* = tehwifey/spouseof12years/bestfriend/ubermom/fastestchicaIknow

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