Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week 25 totals

Days 169-175

Mileage: 13.35
Time: 141:34
Avg miles: 1.91
Avg time: 20:13
Avg pace: 10:36
Progressing avg miles: 1.71

Total mileage; 300.09
Total time: 3370:47
Total Average miles: 19:13
Total average pace: 11:12

300 miles. nuff said. How far is three hundred miles? Here is a picture of the earth (some frozen, mountainous coastline) from 300 miles above in orbit.

Day 176

Ran 1.1 miles before softball game. Ran on a trail near the four diamond softball fields, it basically turned into a ditch, but it fulfilled it's purpose. 11:30.

Day 175

Ran 5.5 miles in 64:09 with about 5-6 minutes of walking break thrown in there. Really didn't feel like doing anything. Kept feeling like I couldn't make it. Thought the route was longer than it was. Finished the course.
At least it wasn't one mile.

Update I've edited this to be 5.3 miles in 58:09 to take out the non-running time.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 174

Things are going in the crapper. Don't really want to do this, my whole get the average up to two miles a day is going down the drain with all these one mile waddles. Ridiculous. Blah.
One mile in twelve minutes. Pain and more pain.

Update: Naturally this means that maybe I'll run ten miles today.

Day 173

Achilles tendonitis, side of knee is weak/hurting. Blah. Sick of running, who's idea was this anyway? Ran one mile in eleven minutes or so.

Day 172

Ran one mile in 8:18. Fastest in the modern era. You know Justin's modern era. The main thing that motivated this I think is that I just wanted to have it done....

Day 171

Right, remembering these things, I try not to when I'm barely running at all. Ran a 5k in 29:56. Right major accomplishment blah blah blah. I was smoking. Achilles/knee pain. Who cares.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 170

Ran a new short one mile run around the house, I just had to do something different. 1.05 miles in 11:11. Feeling somewhat better, other than the whole running thing.

Day 169

Ran at the gym to make it easier and infect others, jk. Ran one mile in eleven minutes, pain and suffering. Being sick stinks.

Week 24 totals

Day 162-168
Avg miles: 1.64
Avg time:17:38
Avg pace: 10:44
Progressing avg miles: 1.71

Total mileage: 286.74
Total time: 3229:13
Total average miles: 1.71
Total average time: 19:13
Total average pace: 11:15

Lowest total in 10 weeks. Pain in achilles has slowed me down. On the positive side, I've now spent 2 DAYS and five hours running this year! Kinda crazy.

Day 168

So I am sick. One mile in about thirteen minutes, pain and coughing. The fever doesn't help much on the running front, oh and my shins are burning. Good times.

Day 167

Got home from MT on the airplane today. Ran one mile in eleven minutes, I think I am getting sick.

Day 166

Drove up North today with the family. Ran afterwards outside on the good ol' lane. Nice summer evening. I believe I ran 2.9 in 29:38, negative split. Tough road, but nice views and sunset. MT is a pretty beautiful place, even better than CO me thinks.

Day 165

Ran three miles at the gym in approximately 31:00. Picked up the pace after the first few minutes.

Day 164

One mile in twelve minutes, again. Pain in achilles is slowing me down.

Day 163

Ok it has been a week since I posted. The streak is still intact but due to sickness and painful achilles tendons things have been slow.

One mile in eleven minutes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 162

Ran the ol' tried and true 1.6 mile loop in 15:48. I was running fast. (Please note fast is a relative term.) I was smoking. Under ten minute miles outside and on hills. I even ran a negative split. Me=Edwin Moses, It's official.

Update: Please note the smoking does not involve Joe Camel.

Week 23 Summary

Day 155-161
Mileage: 20.01
Time: 222:01
Weekly average mileage: 2.86
Weekly average time: 31;43
Weekly average pace: 11:05 minute miles.

Total mileage: 275.24
Total time: 3105:43
Total average miles: 1.71
Total average pace: 11:17

2nd 20+ mile week!

Day 161

Ran 4.36 miles in approximately 4.36 in 43:48. That is smokin' fast for me. Treadmills are nice, and non-hilly. For some reason I thought I would come in with the most miles in one week 20.01 but I just checked and I ran 20.2 two weeks ago. Oh well.

Day 160

I believe I ran one mile in 11 minutes. Recovery day.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 159

As is natural, when you can't walk without pain, and your heels are grotesquely deformed, what you do is run 7 miles. Which is what I did. I intended to do nine, but once again I did not have sufficient time. 9 miles requires about 50 hours for me. Anyway 7 miles in 77 minutes not counting the one minute walk breaks I took at each mile and the go run and take an urgent dump break after about five miles. Also there is this chafing issue. So when I ran 4.75 miles a couple of days ago I looked down and my shirt was bloody. That's special I will upload pics later. Yeah mmmm tasty nipple chafing....isn't that pleasant. This corresponds to the fact that I sweat one gallon per mile. As I was running today I would grab my shirt and squeeze it and seriously the sweat would just pour on to the ground/treadmill. Isn't that a lovely image? So to end my self-deprecating description, I ran most of the seven miles holding my shirt out away from my body to avoid the bloody mess. How hilarious is that.

Good times

Day 158

Ran one mile in 11 minutes at approximatel 11:35 pm. I would have done it in the morning, but please refer to previous post, mainly the part where I mention I can't really walk. That is an exaggeration in the sense I can walk, just not without pain.

Day 157

So I decided today I was going to run six miles. Uh yeah. Did I mention I can't really walk? Oh well. I wound up only having time for like 4.75 in 53 minutes. Did I mention I can't really walk? I have good adrenaline, because after the first 15-20 minutes of pain it sort of goes away. Fun. Too bad I didn't get to six miles. Oh well.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 156

OK today was the most difficult run I have done this year. One mile in 13:45. Does that even count as running? I was thinking that I MIGHT have been disqualified from a race walking event, so I was probably ok. Left heel post-softball game has been injured, been limping around for the last two days. This has happened many many many times before, but not this badly it would seem. That was pure pain running last night. Oh by the way I'm supposed to run 6 miles tomorrow yeah right. Can't flex my foot currently. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 155

Got up early and waddled one mile in a little under 12 minutes. Pain in heels/achilles. It is done. Softball tonight, was going to do the one mile warmup again before the game, but it seemed a little know me.

Week 22 Totals

Day 148-154

Hey I broke 250 miles. It doesn't seem like that much considering how much we drive. Oh well I'll take it.

Weekly Totals
Total mileage: 14.5
Total time: 161:48
Average miles: 2.07
Average time: 23:06
Avg pace: 11:09/mile
Progressing Avg miles: 1.66

Yearlong totals:
Total mileage: 255.23
Total time: 2883:42
Total avg time:18:43
Total avg pace: 11:17

Yearlong projections:
Mileage: 606.59
Time: 6853:28

Day 154

OK pain and agony. My right heel is like perpetually swollen or like grotesquely deformed. I think it is achilles tendonitis, but I don't really know. I would go to the doctor, but he might tell me to stop running, so there isn't really any point now is there? Since I'm not stopping. OK so I only ran one mile, but I did do it in 9:00? Not fast, but fast for me on the stupid hilly .5 mile loop.

Day 153

Decided to go extreme, but only had time for, ok longer than normal. Ran 4.3 in 50 minutes. I was going slow, but it was outside and windy and yeah. It was extremely hot and sunny and my farmer's tan is definitely looking hawtsaws! Made it back in time to go to church albeit we were 10 minutes late.

Waddle on. I need new shoes I think. The poor things have been abused....

Day 152

Ran 3.1 miles or whatever that loop is in 35:13, ran it in reverse direction from before. How is it that the wind is always blowing about 30 mph in to your face, and 50 mph when you are running up hill? When it is supposed to be at your back, suddenly it dies down to nothingness, this is a strange scientific phenomenon and should be studied by someone with way too much time on their hands or with a govt grant. Less methane, more wind patterns affected by me running studies.