Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 24-25 Don't Hassle the Hoff

Ok. I admit it. Blind links to music videos of David Hasselhoff probably aren't a very nice thing to do. On Friday, I was feeling a bit pernicious and let some poor judgement get the best of me. Hopefully your retinas have recovered, and didn't get in the way of any holiday running.

Onward to run, run, and run some more!

I'll go back to the more straight forward approach of Vince-rolling the slap chop.

24 - 2.0 in 22:56. Top of the hill in 8:39
25 - 1.0 in 12:01

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 21-23 Day or night!

Thanks for all the encouragement from folks on the last post. I like the advice of trying some "shorter" trail runs that take place in Colorado as preparation for something a bit longer. I've still been limping along with one mile runs, but there is some, get it going attitude bubbling beneath the surface.

I saw an interesting article on the whole running in the morning vs running at night issue, that has some "science" or at least scientific talking heads commenting on it. I've actually made it 50/50 so far for morning runs vs night runs. I will say lately that the stars and meteors during the night runs have been pretty entertaining.

Plus, to help you get in the holiday spirit, you should probably watch this...

21 1.0 in 12:02
22 1.0 in 11:15
23 1.0 in 12:05

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 16-20 Game on!

I don't really want to write this post. Its mostly just stupidity. Everything about it rings failure and abject ridiculousness. Nonetheless here goes.

I'm not a Jim Collins devotee though I have read a few of his things. I do like a term I've heard him use called a BHAG or "Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal". So here's mine.

I want to run Hard Rock.

This is ridiculous. Yes. I know this. It is kind of like saying, I'm going to start at center for the Detroit Red Wings, tomorrow. Or I'm going to teach myself to fly by flapping my arms really fast. There is no chance of this. However I'm going to give it a try. Even if I fail, I think the trying will be good for me. Failing is OK. Failing at least means you are trying, right? Besides, I need something to shoot for, and why not shoot for the moon? (The moon on the fourth planet of Alpha Centauri in this case.)

Why do this? When I was thinking about starting running again, when I was pondering doing something hard, like doing a running streak, I ran across an article about the Hard Rock 100 trail race. I was amazed. I thought this has to be one of the most difficult things I could imagine. I told myself instantly there was no way I could do this. And yet there was some part of me that quietly, meekly said "I WANT to do that." So I say today in a temporal, fleeting way, in a post that I will delete tomorrow, Game On!

What will this require? It will take two to who knows how many years to accomplish. Here are my current required steps as I see them:

1. Be X-50. Where X = my current weight, I need it to be down fifty more. This is not an exaggeration. Considering I'm -50 since I started this running thing, it might be doable. It is definitely necessary to be able to run that far and have my body hold out.

2. Run a 50 miler. My plan was to try and do Rocky Raccoon in Feb. but with the back injury the training plan was thrown out. I'm going to look for, train, and do a 50 miler, hopefully in the spring of 2010.

3. Do whole body training. Its gotta be more than running. Maybe hit some weights, do some cross training, etc. Complete commitment to the goal.

4. Run trails. Run hills. Run mountains. Run for a long time. Some of that doesn't sound too bad?

5. Runa 100 miler. It has to be one from the qualifying list for Hard Rock. The audacious goal for this would be late in 2010. August? Leadville 100? Thats crazy. Just like everything else I've written in this post.

6. Enter the application for Hard Rock and win the lottery. Literally. Its a capped race and you have to get in by the luck of the draw. 2011 would be nice. Last year, having one ticket in the lottery meant you had an 18% chance of getting in.

7. Run the race.

Please have no worries. Tomorrow when I'm sick of and don't want to run one mile, this will all fade away. And you can just let it pass from your mind. Don't let the craziness disturb you.

However...I might have to listen to the voices...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 12-15 Stuck in a rut

Blah. Blart. Yug. Narf. Thus describes my never-ending string of one milers. I am feeling the need for a crazy goal coming on. It doesn't help that the last few days have been a wee bit cold, as expressed by these uber trail runners who live in the same area. -12 degrees + some 30 mph winds + snow getting blown UP into my nose + my exposed skin freezing in under thirty seconds = some short runs.

I'm not sure what the crazy goal will be, but I need something to get me out there running up that stupid hill for more than 1.5 miles...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 10-11 - Double Digits

Ten is more than nine. It requires two digits to notate instead of one. Ahh the sweet smell of success. However I'm not smelling the sweet smell of success over on the body part competition. Hurry up and vote! As my high school government teacher used to say, "vote early and vote often." This was followed by accounts of how as a young political type he would get a list of the recently deceased and then drive an elderly gentleman to every precinct in town to "assume" identities. All I know is that the Big, uhh oh-so-natural, Hair must win! Popeners ftw! And speaking of inspiration, I think I need some. Either that or this horizontal thirty mph snow and 4 degree weather has got to go....Come on old man winter, bring it! A treadmill that is...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 6,7,8,9 - Making the switch

So I think I may have to do it. Pull the plug, rip the band-aid off, switch over to the dark side, eat the whole tub of cool whip by myself. I may need to become a morning runner. I know. How can this be you ask? No more runs at 11:45 pm? No more overnight runs? No more procrastinate until the last possible minute? Say it isn't so! Well judging by previous attempts I must say its likely I will drop morning running like a bad transmission at the first possible opportunity (like, tomorrow) but today I ran in the early morning.

The reason for this big switch? My personal sanity. I must say it is such a relief to have the darn running thing DONE for a whole day. No constant mental dialogue of "Have you run yet? Have you run yet? Have you run yet?" This is a very nice feeling. I suppose this is a good practice for any item you HAVE to do, and occasionally find undesirable, get it done FIRST and then things seem much nicer. Anyone else have "First you work and then you play...." permanently ingrained in your mind? Yeah I've pretty much rebelled against that one for quite a while....However not in this case! And thus morning running it is. At least until I put it off.

Oh and to enter the contest over at JoyRun. Here is a picture of me from a few years ago and my favorite body hair....;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 5 - The Guest Post written by Mr. Hopper!

They (they being the oh so altruistic group of "internet marketers") say that one way to drive hordes of traffic to your site is by having really popular people do guest posts. So that is what I am doing today. Today our guest post comes from a man who in his first race ever, set an age group record! He loves to run and probably will be a sprinter some day as he doesn't really understand the concept of "hold back and preserve energy." Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the 4-5 year old age group record holder from the one mile fun run of our local running club, Mr. Hopper! (My four year old. You can guess how he got that nick name.) Mr. Hopper please go ahead.

"Who are you going to send this to?" (Everyone in the whole world on the internet.) "I want to ask the people how they are doing?" (Why do you want to do that?) "Because I don't think they have anyone to talk to. "The people who are cold and hungry. The people who never get to hear anything on the computer."

(What do you want to say to runners?) "I want to say have you been running a lot?" "I want to ask them if they have anything to sleep with." (Namely stuffed animals.) "I have a bike. A big bike. And my brother has a big bike. And my little sister just got a bike. " (What do you want to tell them about running?) "Yeah I like to run." (What do you like about running?) "I like taking new routes. Routes. ROUTES!" (breaks into song) "I like new routes, yes I do...." "Hey Dad I see a capital 'B' and a capital 'T' (breaks into song again) "Hey you runners. You should start a thing where um, you get to um, (plays with stuffed animal) you should start a new route of running like I did with my Dad. One mile, two miles, four miles, something like that. OK bye! Can we play a game now Dad?"

--End Guest Post--

There ya have it. Running advice from the four year old. Also apparently you all are cold, lonely souls who need to find a stuffed animal to sleep with. Enjoy.

1.5 in 17:35