Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 568 and more

Here I go again with summer travelling and dropping off the blogging bandwagon.

I am still running. Y'all are still running. Things are good.

There have been some interesting running events which I hope to blog soon.

In the meantime, its time to check out the google reader carnage. (Big Black numbers....high numbers)


568 2.0 in 22:18

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 564-567 Look out Roger Bannister

One milers, one milers, and more one milers.

I'm trying to be positive but my PT pretty much seems like a joke. At least in the sense of, I could do all this stuff at home and not pay for it. Which sort of corresponds with my recent comments of, "hey lets cancel some of these appointments and I'll just do this stuff at home, you know, because I'm travelling and stuff." I am travelling, at some point in the indescript future. But other than the electro-stim, which I do enjoy in a sick way, there isn't much need for me actually going there.

Plus the pt guy regularly either doesn't know why I'm there or forgets what I've been doing. Last time he relented to approving of the one mile a day thing (which I told him was going to happen regardless, but he kept forgetting.) Then I come in today and he initially gives me a hard time for running one mile. Then he suggests again that I do one mile a day, at which I remind him that I've been doing one mile / day for two months now mostly pain free. His response? "Why are you here again?" Uhhh yeah. Then by the end of the session he's suggesting I do three miles a day. OK yeah. I've been doing seven miles/week and you want me to jump directly to 21 miles/week? Uhh right.

Next time I'm just going to tell him that my elbow has been giving me fits...

Enough of the hospital-drama.

Honestly, who DOESN'T want to do this?

Sign me up.

564 1.0 in 8:46
565 1.0 in 10:42
566 1.0 in 9:12
567 1.0 in 10:18

Day 561-563 High Voltage

Thanks for all your comments and support of late. I'll have to admit I was sporting a little 'tude in the last post.

I am going to physical therapy, and honestly the knee feels fine and recovered well from the 7 miler a few days ago. Running a mile is totally pain free. The pt folks keep asking me if stuff hurts and none of it does, so I wonder whether I should be there and whether I'm getting my money's worth. CHALLENGE!!!! I do think the strength stuff on the muscles around the knee will help. I'm hoping all this means that it was just some overuse, and that some extended rest (one mile runs) and cross training will get things back to normal. I guess we'll see how two hours on the elliptical feels...

I have gotten the ultra out of my head a little bit. (Seriously no more hard rock news, otherwise I'm liable to go try and do a 10 mile "rehabilitative" run.) However I did buy some sweet trail running shoes a while back, that I may need to do further testing on...

p.s. Is it wrong to enjoy the electro-stim? And to keep asking them to crank it up?

Day 561 - 1.0 in 12:04
Day 562 - 1.0 in 11:45
Day 563 - 1.0 in 10:12

Monday, July 13, 2009

556 - 560 I thought about quitting today

Thus goes the drama. I ran 7.7 on Sunday. Felt pretty good actually. The knee felt some vague, barely discernible discomfort. Until the next morning. Pain. Not a lot. Not as much as before, but it was there. I had scheduled my first physcial therapy session for today with my doctor-detesting thought that, "If everything feels fine after the 7.7 miler, I am going to cancel this thing." Great. Now I have to go. So I did. Conclusion from the doc is - Patellar Femoral Syndrome with a possible medial meniscus tear. The funny thing is the popping in my "bad" knee that occurred when he was doing a particular test was so similar to the popping in the other knee that he wasn't too sure. Thus we will do four weeks of PT and then if things aren't better its off to do an MRI and X-Ray. This is all nice and good but after its done, it comes down to that ill-fated conversation. Him - "You should stop running and do some other form of closed-circuit exercise, elliptical, swimming, cycling etc." Me - "Yeah so what about my training plan for an ultra?" Him /shakes head.

The voices say this: This whole thing is stupid. There are other bigger, better, more important goals. The irritation in the knee is just going to get worse. You are a moron for not resting and letting it get better. You are dooming yourself to more serious knee problems by not taking the proper course of action. Do what the doctors and every other piece of running advice ever written tells you to do. This whole streak thing really doesn't matter. Really. No one cares if you do some "junk" one miler every day.

Except me.

Its not in my control. There may be things that happen that change my mind. There may be things that happen that force me to stop running, against my will. I might even decide to stop tomorrow.

My decision today? Lace 'em up. You can take me off the course in a body bag.

p.s. Don't take off the shoes. I like my Saucony's.

556 - 3.0 in 36:32
557 - 1.0 in 14:12 with the li'l dooods
558 - 1.0 in 10:12
559 - 7.7 in 87:27
560 - 1.0 in 12:00

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 554-555 Canned Goods

Gradually easing back into the mileage. Week two of the non-ultra "train for backpacking and doing an ultra in twelve weeks" training plan that I wrote on a piece of scrap paper while flying over the mid-west. Its very scientific.

I'm a little bit obsessive with the ultra reading/researching/wanting to go bust a fifty mile week thing of late. During a meeting yesterday I was visualizing setting up a fifty-miler inside my office building and wondering how many laps it would take.

3.0 in 28:30
1.0 in 10:54

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love stats. I love the excel spreadsheets. OK that isn't really true. I like them when I'm looking at my running stats. However I especially DON'T like them when I'm looking at my running stats and it shows the stats going down the toilet. /insertflushingtoiletsound.

I've been taking it easy to try and let the knee heal. Mostly one milers, really for the last two months. The knee does not hurt when I run one milers, and do most everything else. This is good for the knee. This is bad for the stats. One of my goals was to hit 1000 miles for the year, and the projections had me at the high point, reaching 1050. Unfortunately the recovery months have reduced that to 878 miles currently. Bleh. Hopefully the rest helps. I've started gradually increasing the mileage, I'm trying some exercises and stretches and yes I will probably give the PT scam artists a call. The five miler over the weekend in the down pour of rain felt pretty good. Time, and a few sixty mile weeks will tell, woo hoo!!! Ok that was the stats talking again. Shh stats keep it down, the knee might hear you...

Now follows the ridiculous list of running days I previously missed.

Day 532 1.0 in 11:02 Tempo Run
Day 533 1.o in 11:16 Tempo Run (/snicker)
Day 534 1.0 in 10:46 Speed work (I'm the only one laughing here, just to remind myself)
Day 535 1.0 in 12:14 I love monotony yes I do! I love monotony yes I do! I love monotony yes I do!
Day 536 1.0 in 11:04
Day 537 1.2 in 13:12 Long Run FTW!
Day 538 1.2 in 12:14 pushing the endurance here, yeah boy!
Day 539 1.2 in 12:06 Did I mention these three 1.2 runs were with Moose? In yellowstone park?
Day 540 1.0 in 10:36
Day 541 1.0 in 10:45
Day 542 1.25 in 12:56 Running with 'teh wifey' on vacation is nice
Day 543 3.5 in 36:14 Running on the mall, dodging puddles, and saying 'Hi' to Mr. Lincoln...
Day 544 1.0 in 10:56 Saying 'Hi' to the wall of the hotel fitness center which the hotel fitness center treadmill was crammed up against
Day 545 1.1 in 12:46 No one will notice that extra .1 mile right?
Day 546 1.0 in 8:12 Holy cow I'm fast! And on the same treadmill I hurt my foot on a few months ago trying to do the same stupid Navy Fitness Test!
Day 547 1.0 in 10:14 30 minutes after Day 546 at 12:15 AM
Day 548 1.0 in 10:14 Running in MT
Day 549 3.0 in 33:04 1.5 years of streak running! Woot!
Day 550 1.0 in 11:02
Day 551 5.0 in 57:04 Don't tell the knee we ran more than one mile....
Day 552 1.0 in 11:14
Day 553 1.0 in 13:54 running with my li'l dudes! They keep me smiling.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Running in the Mall

My fans have spoken, I must write again to satisfy your voracious appetites for my wondrous blogging. /endsarcasm. Two weeks of vacation and work conferences and no blogging serve as a nice distraction.

On the running front I've had the opportunity to run in some pretty neat places. A few days camping in Yellowstone Park next to Quake lake, running with the moose and elk (literally.) Then we had about a week in Washington D.C. for some vacation with the wife (no kids! was it real or did I just imagine it?).

We had some outstanding runs together in and around D.C. The best by far was an evening run on the Mall. We were headed to an evening concert by the Navy band on the steps of the Capitol. We jumped on the metro and headed down, figuring to run enough to get one mile and then sit and listen to the music. Well as we got off the train and headed for the escalators heading up we noticed a huge crowd standing at the base of the stairs. Then I noticed the rain. It looked more like a flood was pouring through the opening into the subway station. There was quite the crowd there waiting for the cessation of precipitation. However for 'teh wifey' and I this was just an invitation. We ran up the escalator and out into the deluge. It was amazing. Running on the mall is fun enough, plenty of stuff to look at, plenty of runners to look at, plenty of STRANGE runners to look at, plenty of bemused tourists to run around, and in this case plenty of massive puddles to jump around and over and sometimes just for fun, in. The rain gradually abated as we ran to the capitol, figured out the concert was cancelled and talk to some Brits who were in shock and awe of the immense rain that had just occurred. With the concert off the schedule we decided to extend the run and proceed down the length of the mall from the Capitol to the Lincoln memorial. Fun times. Monuments at night, getting drenched, blood red sunset action, rangers clearing numerous immense trees that had been sheared off by lightning, running with 'teh wifey'. Good stuff maynard.

More running updates and blog comments to come!

Friday, July 3, 2009