Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 212

Why is it that as you get older the soreness kicks in later and then lasts longer? Well I can figure out the last longer thing. Ran one mile in 10:00. Was going to do more, but I was not feeling well. Mostly just really sore. Also have some nice road rash on my leg from sliding into a base at the last softball game last night.
I guess these are my two rest days for the next five months.

Day 211

Ran one mile at the gym in 11:04. A little sore, but really not too bad.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 30 Totals

Mileage: 21.15
Time: 241:05
Avg miles: 3.02
Avg time: 34:26
Progressing avg miles: 1.83

Total mileage: 383.59
Total time: 4280:57 (71.3 hrs+)

Year long projections
Mileage: 668.54
Time: 7461:05

All records for me this year. First week averaging more than 3 miles per week. Pace was slow, but oh well. I finished.

Day 210

Day 210 I guess is appropriate. Ran 10 miles in 2:06. That includes stop and drink and eat breaks of which there were two for about 6 minutes total. I would get all punk and antagonistic at this point, but I'm too sore for that nonsense. What else to say?
That is more miles in one day than several of my first weeks running. yippee skip.
Then there is today...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 209

2.35 in 26:55. Again I felt like running 13.1. (Half-marathon.) I like running at night, in the dark. Especially in the summer where it is cool and you can wear a t-shirt and shorts, no parka and headlamp to see the ice. I also like it because no one else is out there. No other idiots are dumb enough probably. But it feels like you are by yourself. Something I like. Living in the city it is VERY hard to get away from people, but somehow it feels like you are by yourself running outside at night, on a summer evening. American Pie (Don McLaren) seems to resonate even more...I actually felt/pretended that I was running fast. Trees, signs, things were zooming past me as I cruised into the night. No one there just me. Strange, this was almost an enjoyable experience...;)

Day 208

Ran 1 mile in 10:10. Felt like running ten, not really time to do that. I'd rather play with my kids sometimes than be out away from them. First 1/2 in 6 minutes, second 1/2 hard as possible in 4:10. Just a wee bit slower than running the 800 in H.S. and running 2:20. Oh well, closer than 208 days ago I suppose.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 207

See below....

Day 206 - A Madman's walk

I almost combined this post with next one. Continuing the theme of crazy ideas, I've had this idea for a while now and I gave it a try last night. The standards for the streak are one continuous mile each day. So I decided, I would start running about 11pm yesterday and just keep running until I ran a mile today as well. So I ran 47 minutes on 7/24 approx. 4.2 miles (yes I was waddling) and 20 minutes and 1.5 miles on 7/25. And I'm done! Though I will say eating a large meal prior to the run did not help my digestive system throughout the night.../pain. also I listened to a song called "I was" which has a first stanza that is now my official crazy midnight crossover run soundtrack. I'll have to look for the lyrics....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 205

Well as has occurred previously many times, I didn't get around to running until about 11pm tonight. I think my neighbors think I'm crazy, or they would if they were awake. Ran one mile, so much for six. Actually might have been 1.1 woot. Iced leg yesterday so bruise softball mark wasn't too bad.

Running at night seems to be my MO for this. I started off that way, because I didn't really want people to SEE me run, it was sort of embarassing. However I am now accepting of my waddling, and it is speeding up a little so... there ya go.

Day 204

Ran 2.0 in twenty minutes. Softball game tonight to follow. -- Softball game was fun except for the liner I took off the lower leg, at least it didn't hit the bone...should have some nice black and blue for a while.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy idea

So I have this crazy idea. I have had it several times but I keep telling myself its not possible, and it really probably isn't, but I'm just going to write it down to remind myself that I've had the thought. No commitment ftw. I would like to run 1000 miles this year. Currently through 29 weeks I have run 362.44. This does not bode well. That means for 23 remaining weeks I have to cover 637.56. That is 27.72 miles / week and 3.96 miles / day. The most miles I have had for any week is 20.2. To this point I have been averaging 1.7 miles per day (though the average has been increasing; 2.25 miles /day for the last 9 weeks.) However I am a year older and wiser so maybe that will help? I'm just's a nice round number.

Week 29

Day 197-203

Total mileage: 16.6
Total time: 168:31
Average mileage: 2.37
Average time: 24:04
Avg pace: 10:09
Progressing avg miles 1.79

So this was my fastest avg pace by far! I'm smoking. Need to increase distance. No more of this sub-20 mile weeks....

Day 203

OK I was lazy today. I actually felt good, feet didn't really hurt a lot, except for one thing....chafing. Forgot the stupid Body Glide, which unfortunately doesn't appear to help much unless you actually apply it. So I ran one mile in ten minutes. Yeah I know I'm a lamez0r.

I ran next to a student I taught in high school. She is married and has a job. I feel old.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 202

6.0 miles in 59:26. 5 10 minutes miles and the last mile in 9:26. Eat that. No breaks, no walking just running and drinking water at the same time. and watching the pilsbury bake off on tv. for the record I thought salmon pastries with dill should have won, though double peanut butter delight looked tasty.

why do they play the food network on workout machines at a gym? nonsense.

Hey, I just got older.

Day 201

1.1 in 13:28. done.

Day 200

Well I had grandiose ideas as to what I was going to do for this day. None of them materialized. At work we took an afternoon ice cream break across the street, however once we got over there a downpour of rain started and so we decided to wait it out. and wait and wait and wait. Not a typical CO rainstorm, so I decided to walk/run back across get my car and bring everyone back. Needless to say I was drenched. Driving back I decided, running in the rain is fun, so I changed and did the run. 2.0 in 18:42. It was almost fun, if my heels didn't hurt.

Day 199

Ran 1.4 in 15:46.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I like this kind of stuff....

Find all the excuses you need

Additional issues

OK this is just stinkin' hilarious.

Oooh I never posted my pics of the bloody shirt, I'd better get on that!

An important topic

This is more than a little funny to me...though its not funny during the time it happens.....foh shoh...

A runner's malady.....

Day 198

Ran at the gym. Didn't want to. My motivation is low. Wanted to just not do it or just be done. Ran 3.1 miles in 29:39 which is my fastest in the new J-era. That included one minute of walk break, not bad. why do I do these things? I do not know...

Day 197

Mixed feelings. Ran two miles in loops around our house. My boys always ask if they can cheer me on. They like to wait by the front step then when I waddle by they cheer and yell Go Daddy and then run with me for a little while. If that isn't motivational I don't know what is! Nana actually asked me yesterday if I would run at night so they could cheer. If they are in their bed when I am running then they cheer out the window it is fun. 21:30. Post-run IBS, fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 28 totals

Total mileage: 18.2
Total time: 203:25
Avg mileage: 2.6
Avg time: 29:03
Avg pace: 11:10 - slow!
Progressing avg miles: 1.76

Mileage projections for the year: 645.8

good intentions, just didn't get it done
and did it very slowly

Day 196

Went to the gym planning to do a four miler so that I would hit 21.2 miles for the week and have a record. Treadmills were full, with many out of order. Bleh. Rode a bike for a few minutes while waiting. Bleh. Left. Disgusted. Came home because we were having company. Four miles ain't happening so I ran one mile as fast as I could. 9:19 into strong headwinds and on hills. It ain't 8:44 but it is fast for me. No record, just another day down.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 195

Ran four miles in 47 minutes. The loop that hits north carefree. very long steep hills. I didn't stop I POWERed up the hills. Still very slow, every step is painful. Knees/heels. Fun stuff. Late at night so at least it was cool and the sky was beautiful - dusk and such.

Day 194

Church picnic at Fox Run park. Ran about 1.7 miles after all the running around, playing football, tug-o-war, etc. Twas hot and dusty on the dirt road and very hilly. I really don't like the hilly were it is a steep short downhill that you have to go slow on anyways because it is so steep and then the rest is uphill. 20 minutes.

Day 193

Ran four miles on the treadmill again. 45 minutes. Took a one minute walk break after three miles. Sorry I was tired. Watched some dumb financial shows while running. Those things are mind numbing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 192

Ran four miles at the gym in 43:46? Sometimes it just seems to take forever. Wanted to stop, but I didn't.

Day 191

Ran 2.5 miles in laps around the house. 26:50? My kewl family cheered me on. I would have done 4 miles except I kept getting interrupted by IBS. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome.) Let me just say this is not a pleasant thing to try and run with, and let me also say that I ran laps around the house instead of heading out on a long loop as I would have been squatting multiple times by the edge of the road. How is that for an attractive image in your head?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 190

One mile in 11:30 before the softball game. Hey we won! 9-8. The 1.5 year streak of losing softball games is over...
yeah us

Week 27 totals

Week 27 totals
Day 183-189
Day 189=7/7/08

Mileage: 14.45
Time: 157:00
Avg miles: 2.06
Avg time: 22:25
Avg pace: 10:51
Progressing avg miles: 1.73

Total mileage: 327.64
Total time: 61 hours and seven minutes.

Year long projection for miles - 634.48

I would like that year long projection to be short by about one hundred miles, but that would mean I need to get my rump in gear....
At this point is going to take a bunch more miles to get things above a daily average of 2.0

Day 189

Back home and back on the old route. I was mad when I started this. Ran the old school loop 1.6 miles in 18:00. It was late, after fourteen hours of driving. OK now my hip hurts like the dickens, charles that is. Great.

Day 188

Trying to keep this 2 mile minimum thing going that will never happen. 2.0 in 20:30, ran outside at Melissa's parents house. Ran over the via dock by the slough. Saw some deer, it was hot.

Day 187

My wife is running twelve miles on the trails around the cabin and so I ran out with her for the first two miles and then ran back, four total in 45:00. Then I hopped on the four wheeler and took her some water and food. She is amazing. Did I mention she ran about 9:40 miles for her 12 mile run? I lost her a couple times on the trails because she was way past where I thought she would be. Also she makes cool directional signs with rocks and sticks so I know where she went...she=kewl.

Day 186

2.0 miles in 22:30. Ran at the cabin. It was early and cool and I barely broke a sweat. Can you imagine? Me running two miles and barely breaking a sweat? It was nice. P.S. that is good because I won't be taking a shower for the next two days.....

Day 185

Ran a longer loop around the lake and through the Big Sky resort. 1.5-6 in 16:30. It was nice. Having a different route and being outside when it is nice and where the ground isn't too hard is nice.

Day 184

Ran 2.0 in 21:00 on the treadmill again. Hit the outdoor pool and mega-hot tub afterwards. :) It was nice. Its right in front of a huge mountain ftw.

Day 183

Ran around the lake in front of our condo at Big Sky. 1.25 miles in 13:30. It was rather pleasant. One thing I despise and find very rude. When you are running and another runner comes from the other direction, and you wave and they just ignore you. I know I'm just a waddler but would it be to hard to nod your head or raise your hand or say hello? Sheesh. That happened in case it wasn't obvious.

Week 26 totals

Mileage: 13.1
Time: 140:09
Avg miles: 1.87
Avg time: 20:01
Avg pace: 10:41
Progressing avg miles: 1.72

yeah I'm dogging it...I know.

Day 182

Ran with my wife in the Moonlight Lodge Timbers Spa, which our condo gave a membership to. Same treadmill as the gym back home. Have I mentioned that my wife is fast? She was at 4.6 miles when I hit 4....I tried to keep up a little. The spa is uppety.
4.0 miles in 41:00

Day 181

Running before I get on the plane to go to MT. 1.o miles in 11:20.

Day 180

3.0 miles in 32:50

Day 179

1.0 miles in 10:55

Day 178

2.0 miles 21:30

Day 177

1.0 miles in 11:04

The streak is still alive...

*sigh* I just haven't updated in about three weeks, brace yourself. Talk about trying to remember what you did over the weekend.