Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 328 - New Training Plan

It mostly involves intending to run huge numbers of miles over two-three hours of sprints, but instead replacing that with approximately five hours of helping someone move to a new house, hefting appliances and enormous wood dressers, crossfit?  pssht I got Kenmore!
1.0 in 11:03, sore back anyone?  You mean sitting in a cubicle doesn't preapre one adequately for marathon power lifting sessions?  ;)

Day 327 40 Days and 40 nights

2008 is rapidly coming to an end.  Have you had a good year?  2.0 in 22:00.  Should have been more, could have been more, but it was.  Checkmark.

Day 326 - yes it is possible

to run more than one mile in a day, which hasn't happened in a very long time due to sickness and laziness.  Whaddya know?  3.0 in 35:21.  There were hills ok?

Day 325

Back home, in the real cold.  1.0 in 12:23.

Day 324 - running at the Mall

OK not the place that has Dillards's, Sears, and a run down movie theater with really small screens, the mall with the capitol building, WWII memorial and other war memorials, the Smithsonian museum(s) etc.  I was visithing the Air and Space museum which is incredible, and decided I would run on the mall.  In my dress clothes.  And my dress shoes.  Why?  Because I could.  My wife and I had visited a while back and saw some high powered types running on the mall during their "power lunch" and thought it would be neat.  So on the spur of the moment, I decided to jump into it.  It was pretty funny running along side (read as, them blowing by me like I was standing still, mostly)  all these high tech runner types with their elite running gear, shoes, and really important conversations, meanwhile I'm in dress clothes, my now famous new balance dress shoes, carrying my gift bag from the Smithsonian museum and snapping pics and vid on my cell phone.  It was quite the scene.  However I did run at the mall today.....pretty kewl if you ask me....

1.0 in 11:00.

Day 323 - the witty well has run dry

Ran one mile within the confines of national harbor.  Decided to explore the hotel surroundings a bit.  Late night run, windy and bitterly cold.  Helped some guy find a restaurant he was looking for.  Ran out on one of the piers, also very cold, though it was a neat view of Washington D.C. at night.  Finished the one mile quickly so I could get into the restaurant before it closed.  I highly recommend going to restaurants right before they close, as they are much more apt to give you free stuff.  Hey a free cookie, is a free cookie.  1.0 in 11:14.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 46

Total mileage: 7.5
Total time: 83:00
Avg miles: 1.07
Avg pace:11:04
Progressing avg miles: 2.03
Progressing avg time: 11:08

OK pretty much the worst week so far in terms of distance.  Even the very first week of the year I ran 8.5.  I was sick, so there is that pitiful excuse.  I'm going to try and forget this happened.  In fact it never happened.  Strike Week 46 from the rolls.  Begone foul Week 46!  You are banished from the realm!!!  Take your measly daily average and sub 100 minute total time and do not return!  We shall have none of your filth corrupting our wondrous running blog!  There.  Take that.

Day 322 - Another day

1.0 miles on the hotel treadmill.  Feel mostly better at this point.  Probly should have run more, but I diden't.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 321 - Washington and me

1.0 miles in 12:00 on the banks of the Potomac river.  Foot was hurting so I cut it short again.  Only one coughdrop today, so I'm on the mend.  It was cold and windy and I think people thought I was crazy going outside, but it is a lot warmer than CO right now....

Day 320 me=hawtsawss aka Excellent and Low

So I'm in D.C. for a conference.  I made my way down to the fitness center to hit the treadmill.  Feeling a little better and a little rambunctious.  The treadmill was all fancy dancy with all these programs and virtual trainers and junk.  I like tests.  I like challenges.  I like things with objective measurements.  So I decide to try this Navy Fitness test thing which is to run as fast as you can for 1.5 miles.  This was a really dumb idea.  It is for me one of the cyclical Edwin Moses moments.  The deck of the treadmill was VERY hard.  About midway through the run, my left foot sort of twanged and started hurting.  I think I might have sprained it a little.  Didn't stop me from my craziness...1.5 miles in 12:00, the last part was at 6:40 mile pace which is felt really not bad other than the pounding.  Enh.  My quantitative Navy fitness rating?  Excellent - low.  I like to think that they just shortened it by taking out a few words as in, You are in most EXCELLENT shape, so in shape are you that a very LOW percentage of people can even dream about being in such shape....  OK maybe not, but I can can't take away the excellent part...

Day 316, 317, 318, 319

Sick, sick and more sick.

1 mile of sickly waddling / day.

4.0 miles in 48:00 total.  These are the rather unfun days...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 45

Total mileage: 13.4
Total time: 143:15
Avg miles: 1.91
Avg time: 20:27
Avg pace: 10:41
Progressing Avg Miles: 2.05
Progressing Avg Time: 11:08

Total mileage: 646.95
153.15 miles to go!
Weekly average needed to make 800 miles for the year: 21.02

Day 315 - The Perfect Storm - when running can feel so right, and be so wrong

It was the perfect storm.  At the gym so as to void the cold air on my infected lungs.  Jump on to the treadmill, and I notice that on the two treadmills to the right of me are a younger couple (early 20's.)  Over my time going to the gym I have come to know the veterans and these were definitely either first timers or really new to the place.  During my warmup I overheard them talking about "testing whether they were in shape"  "doing this for the first time" " trying things out" which confirmed my idea that they were new.  It was also clear that the dude was trying to impress his female companion by his ability to run.  (Despite the fact that at one point during my warmup he nearly totally fell off the treadmill when he stopped mid-stride as the belt kept moving.)  Well it was at this point I had a decision to make.  Do I ignore the potential of the situation, waddle through my sickly one mile, and be done with it?  OR do I seize upon the male ego, the temptation to look at your neighbor's treadmill speed, and the presence of his female friend and see what happens when I start pushing the pace?  Let me add to the wonderful visual picture by pointing out that I showed up at the gym having been sick in bed for the most part for three days straight,  there was not excessive cleanliness, no attractive color coordinated running gear or anything that would indicate I had ever run before in my life.   This I think would only add to my counterpart's motivation.  So I started my run.  I noticed that he was sweating profusely and struggling mightily at a 5.4 mph pace.  Let me point out clearly here that I am not fast and will never begrudge anyone their speed.  I point this out only to note that I had some room to work with.  If he was "struggling" along at a 9mph pace I would have just moved on.  So I started at 5.5, and quickly moved to 6mph, to give that wonderful, "hey I'm accelerating way past what you are running buddy" non-verbal communication.  I then watch out of the corner of my eye for any reaction.  I see a quick glance over at me, sizing me up, then a glance at the speed, and then, no lie, a quick glance over at his friend.  Not more than three-four seconds later he reaches for the accelerate button and speeds up to 6.5.  Feeling safe he starts struggling in to the new pace.  I hear comments from the female friend "oh you definitely are in shape"  "i know you haven't done this in a while but you are doing great" More fuel on the fire.  I accelerate to 6.5 and then after a momentary pause to give that, "what this?  this is still the warmup! and move on to 7.0 mph.  All while giving long drawn out, "when is my heartbeat going to increase?" sighs to show how pedestrian this all is.   My treadmill friend quickly glances around and despite the obvious pain he is in, accelerates to 7.0.  After giving him a few strides to settle in and to not give the idea of a reaction, I move to 7.5.  Its at this point I think about giving an over-dramatic yawn for affect, but I figure it would be overkill.  Within the time it takes for him to look over again at the speed, then at me, then at the speed, then at me one more time, he accelerates to 8.0!  Its at this point I figure I have achieved the results of my experiment and would feel rather guilty if he stumbled and fell to a nasty treadmill belt burn, so I finish out my mile and slow for a walking cooldown.  He lasts three-four seconds after I stop, enough time to give a congratulatory grin in either direction and then hastily reaches for the emergency stop button. 

Morally wrong? probably.  Funny in a sick, twisted sort of way? definitely. 

1.0 in 9:15.

Day 314

One more sickly waddling day.  1.0 in 12:40

Day 313

More sickness/fever/crud.  1.0 in 12:46.  I think I'm going to be off the running program for a while....

Day 312 - the why am I doing this days are these

1.0 in 13:00.  Right.  Why am I doing this again?  Sick in bed most of the day except for this.  Lungs on fire,  enh skip it, don't need to complain.  Its done.  Rock on.

Day 311 - getting sick

Bleh, its coming which is not good.  Throat is swollen, sore, feels like I can hardly breathe.  Thus of course I ran 4.4 in 46:14.  Had to finish watching the Broncos come back and beat the Browns.  

Day 310

Rest day.  1.0 miles in 11:05.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 309

4.0 in 38:55.  Lets just say I had a lot of extra energy flowing this evening.  First mile in 10:54, second in 10:15, third in 9:45, fourth in 8:45.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 44

Total Mileage: 20.25
Total time: 225:14
Avg miles: 2.89
Avg time:32:10
Avg pace: 11:07
Progressing avg miles: 2.06
Progressing avg pace: 11:09

Total miles: 633.45

166.55 miles to go!
Weekly average needed to reach 800 miles for the year:  20.1

Day 308 - 8 weeks to go.

Got your Christmas shopping done?  58 days until the end of the year.  Did my "rest day" waddling of one mile in a lot of minutes.  Happy U.S. election day.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 307 - Angry blog postings goeth before the fall

So my knee hurts, not a little bit.  It popped this morning and felt better, but last night it kept waking me up.  Wasn't sure if I was going to go one, go 7-8, or just quit this whole experiment all together.  End result was 6.0 in 64:48.  I figured the one mile rest I am doing tomorrow would cover the extra.  Treadmill/blackandwhitetv of cowboys debacle/blazing sun in the face/goodness.

Day 306 - Waddlin around town.

3.4ish in 41:48.  Needed to 3-4 miles today and what says 3-4 miles more than 3.4 miles of waddling around town in random directions?  Not much I would say.  Went wherever I felt like it, albeit rather slowly.  There.  Of course I will be resting tomorrow.  Of course.

Day 305 - rest day!

Seriously, I'm resting.  No running whatsoever.  Because I don't do that.  I run one day and then the next I REST.  Because that will save my joints!  I love my joints and wouldn't think of harming them in any way.  I would like the joints to stick around for a little while longer.  That is why I of course never think of offending and irreparably injuring them, the joints you know, by doing something silly like not taking a full day of rest after each run.  I am so SMRT!  

1.0 in 12:14.