Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 395

I am posting today.  Yes I missed uh 14 days in between.  Yes the streak is still alive.  Yes I will at some point give gloriously interesting commentary on the 14 days.  Yes I ran in Kenya today, and yesterday and several days before that.  No I haven't won any road races lately.

1.0 in 10:34.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 381 - 394 The Recap

Day 381 - 5.4 in 60:00
Day 382 - 1.0 in 11:00
Day 383 - 4.0 in 43:00
Day 384 - 6.0 in 70:30
Day 385 - 1.0 in in 11:00
Day 386 - 4.0 in 46:00
Day 387 - 1.0 in 11:00
Day 388 - 1.0 in 10:54
Day 389 - 1.0 in 10:54
Day 390 - 1.0  in 9:43 around a gas station in Kisumu, Kenya?!
Day 391 - 1.0 in 10:00
Day 392 - 1.0 in 10:00
Day 393 - 1.0 in 10:06
Day 394 - 1.0 in 10:00

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 380 aka Day 2

Rest day of the non-plan, which I refuse to have any part of.  1.0 in 11:01.  Someday my pushup count will be higher than one and I will be hawtsawss like Vava.  Someday.  Someday, I might actually do a pushup which is probably a prerequisite for doing 100 in a row.  Someday.  

I also had a sweet idea for a race.  Instead of a marathon, which I won't ever do, or start a plan for, how about a maraTHONG?  Probably should be in North Dakota or Yukon Territory in January.  I support it, only because I wouldn't have any of my normal chafing issues, or would I?  Try not to linger on that thought to long, for your own mental health....

Day 379

Day 1 of my non-marathon program that I haven't started and plan to quit before I ever start.  I thought I would churn out this hawtsawss 5-k since I've been taking a break (one milers) for the last two weeks.  Uh yeah that didn't happen.  Thought I would cruise through four miles, uh yeah that didn't happen (miscounted only did 3.9.)  Thought I would preserve a shred of dignity with my amazing running form --yeah no need.  All in all, a good time was had by all.  All those who had a good time laughing.

3.9 in 39:26.

It wasn't one mile?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 374, 375, 376, 377, 378

I blog.  Therefore I am.  Still alive that is.  I wonder what the Latin is for I blog?  Probably something like Moronus.  Therefore the previous phrase would be Moronus ergo Sum.  I can make fun because I have blogged more than once.  

So the week of rest aka one milers has sort of extended to uhh more than two weeks.  The first week of rest didn't count because of the little metaphorical dude who was causing me all the back pain.  Now its go time.  Or goal time.  Or just time to pick a goal.  Or I can't stop because all these phrases make me think of something other than a running/fitness objective for the year.  OK so the marathon is on the table.  The table is a place that I put things on and just laugh hysterically at and point, merely for someone suggesting such a ridiculous thing.  If it wasn't the wifey and my friend in Iraq who I've been praying for every day suggesting it, the pointing and laughing would be followed up by this slow motion action scene where I give a Rocky/Rambo grunting cry that sounds like I'm saying a combination of "ADRIAAAAAAAAANNNNN" and "8 HOURS OF RUNNING?!?!?!??!" and I pull out a combo rocket launcher/flamethrower from within my pants ?!?  and blow the marathon topic away  and follow it up with a "and thats what I think of that."  Since its them I'll just snicker a lot and make castigating remarks in their general direction.  

1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 in 55:14 or so.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 370, 371 372, 373

OK the back has returned to semi-normal now.  I promised myself a week of one milers if I made the 800 goal, so there ya go.  A week of "rest."  Now its on to the next goal....this, I'm struggling with.  It needs to be sort of like the first one was, ridiculous, impossible, a really bad idea all together.  All ideas outside of modelling speedos, and accessorizing with my man bra will be entertained.  Keep in mind, that this summarizes my running philosophy....

Day 369

1.0 in 14:23.  Does anyone have advice for getting rid of the little dude who rides on my back while I run and stabs me in the back repeatedly?  Its getting annoying.

Day 368 - A strange moaning sound was heard

Moaning, grunting, and wailing was heard around our neighborhood as I ran/waddled a mile while bent over.  This back thing is not getting better.  It would help if I could stand up straight.  1 mile in 14:32.  Did I mention the whining?  :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 367 or Day 1 take two?

Thanks for all the congrats.  I feel pretty good about having set a goal and actually achieving it.  The part I didn't mention in Day 366's post was that I seem to have hurt my back in a couple different places.  Lower back pain plus a strained muscle in my back leave me unable to stand up straight for any length of time.  Thus running lately has been pure joy.  Probably the worst days of running in the streak have been yesterday and today.  Today it was 1.0 in about 14:45 minutes of waddling (still technically running) and groaning, moaning, and bending over while running.  It wasn't pretty, but its done.  Hopefully it gets better soon.  

As for next year, good question.   One proposal that sounded nice was 365 days of no running.  My friend in Iraq is proposing a marathon, but that sounds like a whole lot of pain and suffering to me. Running.  Who'da thunk it?


Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 366 pt 1

+ 1.15 miles in 14:12 minutes
+ 800.1 miles in 366 days
- 35 pounds
- 5" ahem
= 1 year of running at least one mile every day!

God is Good.

Day 365

5.7 in 62:10.  Rip the bandaid off right now.  Ran to the track, ran 18 laps, ran back.  Right so did I mention when I got to the track there where a couple of nine year old girls there running?  The Circle is Now Complete.  OK so they didn't pass me, mostly because they only jogged a quarter of a lap and then ran off and played with flowers.  Good thing for me.  1.14 miles to go!  1 Day to go!

Its victory lap time.