Friday, March 26, 2010

148 Days to Go - Whose idea was this?

No really.  Who were the ad wizards who came up with this one?  Not bright red stretch pants and turnbuckles, the whole idea of  me spending ridiculous numbers of hours running.  I'd like to find the guy who decided this was a good idea and give him a good smackdown.  Seriously.

Oh yeah.

It was me.


Can you have a fistfight with yourself?

So I'm into those 30+ mile weeks now.  I only had about four-five 30+ weeks during the approx. two years of the running streak.  And its only just beginning.  One thing I thought about but really had no tangible concept of was how LONG it takes to run forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, miles in one week.  Especially when you consider how slow I am.  I may need to get an office budget for a treadmill in my cubicle.  The corresponding sweatiness might reduce my meeting invites which would be a huge plus.  Win, win.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

157 Days to go - GWMA Virtual Race Report

I entered a virtual race.  Here.

Per the instructions and deadline and my overall strategy.  I am finishing last in the race.  (When they said there were prizes for the "bottom three" this is what they meant, right?)  And I am finishing last in the submission of my race report.  I am a model of consistency. Per the instructions:

"When you've finished your report (deadline 11:59pm CST March 16th, 2010)"

I am posting this with two minutes to spare.

To celebrate my thorough lastness.  I have composed this haiku for your pleasure.

     Shuffled for long hours
     Hills stink, rats no body glide
     Last place is now mine.

6.66 miles in 1:20 of hill repeats on Sunday.

(followed by 3 more miles of such ludicrousness)

Friday, March 12, 2010

164 Days to Go - Making Change

"Change in all things is sweet."


Have you ever thought about the strange paradox of how change is inevitable and yet in some areas it seems really hard to change?  Change is happening all around us all the time.  If you want the philosophy behind Aritstotle's viewpoint you can go check out Physics and Metaphysics (where in Physics he describes the study of nature as the study of change and all things subject to change).  Each day makes us one day older, new experiences come and go, and life keeps happening.  We couldn't avoid it even if we try.  At the same time, if you're like me (do you really love Spaceballs too?!?) you have some things about your head/life/big fat gut that you want to change.  Often they might be things about yourself, or your behavior, or your circumstances.  Now without going into the whole issue of should you change, the difficulty of enacting these changes can be at times, overwhelming.  I know what I want to change, sometimes I even try to do something about it, but then I fail, the change doesn't happen, I never make it all the way, or the change fails to stick and I revert back to the old habits.  How can things be changing all the time, just not in the ways I want it to?

"Change is inevitable, except from vending machines."  
     - Anonymous

So I'm sensing I'm leaning towards some contentment/acceptance/optimism outlook and I think my tendency would be to "complexify" it.  So instead?  I am just going to simplify.  I'm going to try again.  And I'm going to embrace the value of where I am, the trials I have been brought through, and even the value of failing. I feel that I am called to do that.  Besides, if it wasn't hard to accomplish the change, it wouldn't be quite so rewarding when the goal is achieved.  And I believe I will accomplish I will try again.  Prepare to fast forward!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

169 Days to go - Feeling the Love

So y'all are pretty funny.  You make me laugh, a lot.  The comments to my last post had everything a person could want, love, encouragement, and a nice get your rump in gear sentiment.  That pretty much covers it all.  It is also kind of funny because I hadn't meant it to come across as quite so negative and down in the dumps, but I guess looking back at it, that was the result!

Now on to my fun run report.  So one other reason that I had been a little behind on posting was that I was travelling last week, spending time in not-so-sunny San Francisco, California.  I've started taking the approach when I'm travelling of not reporting locations and times away, mostly because of fun sites like and the like.  I managed to get a couple runs on the hotel treadmill (the sounds being uttered by the cheap plastic thing made me think I was going to make it explode!), and around the neighborhood, but on Saturday it was time for the long run.  I looked for a route and found some suggestions on the San Francisco Road Runners site and found a neat course that went out along the water to the Golden Gate bridge and back.

It was a great course through some neat parts of San Francisco, including Fisherman's Wharf, Fort Mason, past Alcatraz and then winding up right at the base of the bridge.  The views of the Bay were really nice, there were a ton of running folks all about, there was actual sun out, and it almost got to the point of having fun running (almost, lets not get too crazy).  At the turn around point of the run on a fence below the bridge I noticed this...


I saw a bunch of other runners putting their hands on it and of course followed suit.  (Amazing one handed cell phone pic to come later!  :) I of course had to do some research and find out who Hopper is/was and this is what I found.  I also had to get a pic because my five year old's nickname is Hopper, for obvious, literal reasons.

So two thumbs up on running in San Francisco, and bonus points for getting away from the hotel and from downtown for a brief moment...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

172 Days to Go - Cracking the Code

Hi blog folks,

I'm going through one of those dry spells where I start about a dozen different posts per day and actually post none of them.

The running is going along.  I managed a waddling, crawling 14+ mile run on Saturday which is the longest in a while.  The numbers are increasing albeit a bit below those suggested in the plan.

These non-posting periods usually are associated with some general running/posting/being blahs.  They are often accompanied by internal statements like, "ennh what's the point?" and "Why bother?" and "Pass me another dozen doughnuts" and "Fuhget about it" (the last one if I was an italian mobster).  Its basically summarized by everyone's favorite cheer:

Apathy, apathy, that's our cry!
A-P-A-T...ahh whatever...

So how does one break out of this?  How does one decipher the inscrutable logic, and down feelings?

I guess its just by doing.  For me its purposefully not worrying about perfection, forgetting about all the other past failures, and charging forward.  I can't change the past, I can't ensure the future, but I can do something today.

So I did.

I posted.

I hope you keep posting/doing/running/dreaming/achieving/inspiring me to get off my rump too!