Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 241

5.0 miles at the gym. Struggling, mostly cus of trying to keep the pace too fast for too long. 53:10. Not much else to say. Still have twenty miles to go for this four days....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 240

Ran 3.0 miles in 30:10. There was a "heavy" bio break after the first mile that isn't included. So I'm trying this 30.97 miles in one week thing. This will mean a really long run and one or two longer runs and then this base of at least three miles. I'm not sure about it, really. I'm wondering if there shouldn't be more "rest" days. Like of one mile. That would mean longer long runs, but would it be better on the wear and tear? Dunno. Hit the treadmill for this one. Probably could have done more, I just didn't have the want to, again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 239

3.52 miles in 39:25. Ran three one mile loops and added a bit on at the end to make sure it was over a mile, but in turn made it a fair amount over a mile. I felt slow and strong. Strange combination. I'm supposed to average 4.4 miles a day in order to make 1000. I think I felt like I could have ran another lap, but I didn't really want to to be honest...Going up hills, walking up stairs today felt like no problem, not even breathing hard. At least I wasn't waddling as badly as yesterday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As a side note

Since the article in Runner's World recently about running skirts, the topic has been frequently addressed in our household. Thus I saw this race and had to share...

Need a Skirt? and a Race?

Week 34

Total mileage: 24.8
Total time: 278:52
Avg miles: 3.54
Avg time: 39:50
Avg pace: 11:14
Progressing avg miles: 1.87

Year long totals
Total mileage: 444.78
Total time: 4963:29 - 82 hours and 42 minutes
Total average time: 20:51
Total Average pace: 11:09

Year long projections:
Mileage: 683.99 miles
Time: 7632:55 minutes

So this is almost five miles more than my highest weekly total. Almost forty minutes/day average! Also six miles below the avg needed to hit 1000 miles. I think that is a pipe dream, but we will see how close we can get.

Day 238

Ran three miles. OK knees/legs/muscles are just sore. Not injured, just broken down/used from the ten miler yesterday. 34:52? Didn't have the watch on just used the time of songs on the mp3 player. Uphill on the way home like EVERY run in my neighborhood. Definitely something to keep in mind when buying a house in the future.
My kewl wife is coming up on her third marathon on Monday. She thinks this is no big deal, but I on the other hand think it is way kewl. p.s. I'm right.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 237

Long run. Yeah right. Ten miles 1:49:39. I was struggling. Tried to keep a stronger pace, but it resulted in more walking breaks. Did it on the treadmill which increases the boredom factor, despite men's water polo being on the TV, but also increases water availability factor which is nice.
This should be the most mileage of the week, but far below the needed average to reach some of these insane mileage goals I have been talking about.

Day 236

2.35 miles in 25:46. Ran the new extended version of the traditional loop. Late at night, I was pushing hard and finished. It was more than two miles, but not the needed three miles.

Day 235

Hey the family is camping. That means I nice run in the woods at 8,000 feet of elevation. Good times. Ran for 25 minutes I believe it was approximately 2.2 miles. We'll go with that. The first 100 meters were strangely painful, the uphill last half also wasn't necessarily a joy, but it is done.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 234

So after a nice long break (15 minutes) I decided to do the next day's run starting at 12:01 AM. My coach (my wife) demanded (suggested encouragingly) that I do ten miles of sprint workouts (run two more miles.) I clearly would have done this (I really didn't wan't to) except for the fact (clearly making things up) that during lap two of the first run, an enormous attack dog (a miniature toy dog not more than six inches high) attacked me brutally (ran alongside and kept running away from his house so I had to escort him back.) I took this as a sign that I should stop (nice excuse for quitting.)

The life of a waddler.

Day 233

Ran a new route. Started at 10:40pm and ran for an hour, I believe the distance was about 5.25 miles or so....Apparently I committed trespassing in an area with closed circuit cameras according to my wife, didn't really realize it. Oh well. A good misdemeanor is healthy every now and then right? I don't know if I really like running enough to log huge mileage numbers. I sort of get bored after a while. I want it to be over too much. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 232

Well I like living on the edge. I didn't run until 11:45 pm last night. Which means if for some reason, I stop, or get interrupted then the streak is over. Thus I ran with the "nothing's gonna stop me come hell or highwater" attitude, and a very plodding pace. Its getting cold which is not much fun. I am already having flashbacks of running in the parka, long pants, headlamp, and six inches of snow....should

1 mile - 11:35

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 33 totals

Total mileage: 16.35 miles
Total time: 183:56
Avg miles: 2.34
Avg time: 26:16
Avg pace: 11:14
Progressing avg miles: 1.82

Total mileage: 420

Well it wasn't the worst and probably not as much as I had dreamed. Sort of back on the wagon. I still have these crazy goals of like 750 miles for the year, but it is going to take more running than this...

Day 231

Check it fools. Two miles in 16:46. You like that? You want more? I got more for you, real special like. Stupid treadmill wouldn't go faster than 7.5 mph with my large and in charge self on it, lol. Oh well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 230

So the running in the morning consistency didn't last too long. Back at it at night when the day is done. Two miles in 24:41 one lap I did with my five year old son who couldn't resist getting out and running. Are we creating a monster? The best part was that I was doing the .5 mile loop around our house at my children's request so that they could run alongside for a bit, cheer me on, and probably mostly postpone going to bed. So I left a bit before they came out to walk and then stretch, and as I was walking back the three year old and five year old were standing in the front yard. It was very dark and overcast so when they finally saw me coming they started yelling "That's my dad, here comes my dad!" There was something surreal about seeing/hearing two little lives yell that out, I never thought I'd hear that. There was also something obnoxious about it to our neighbors, but they'll just have to deal... :)

Day 229

Ran four miles. OK Colorado Springs has officially become Seattle, WA. Not that you care about weather stats, but we've had 7" of rain in the last ten days. K-razy. Thus I got to run in the rain again. Earlier in the day my wife had mentioned that a 4 mile loop that follows a trail along a ravine would be crazy due to the immense amounts of rain we have had and were having. Thus this determined my route for the day. Followed the path, there were a couple river fordings and such which were entertaining. The part that was not entertaining was my stomach. (Warning: disgusting discussion about to ensue.) So about a mile in, it hit. You know that, oh dang I need to use the can right now feeling. However in this case I told myself ahhh you can make it. Well truth is, I didn't make it. Thankfully I wasn't on a city street and had some smallish bushes to squat near, but the truth came out. Anyone else ever experience this? Does this count as a notch in my running belt? Yeah I'd go into the gory details, but nobody wants to hear that, or shake my hand in the near future... 4 miles in 48 minutes including "pit stop" time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 228

Anyone else like running in the rain? My wife rain six miles as part of her marathon prep (she runs in about two weeks) and somehow hit the one hour this morning where it didn't rain. She was rather jealous and I don't blame her. There is something about splashing around as everyone drives to work around you that makes you feel like you are doing something a little crazy. Also it distracts from the whole running thing....I woke up late and thus only did one mile in about 10:30. Tried to do some surging/sprinting to justify in my mind the piddling distance. Heh. Ah well. I'm sure my turn in the corporate dunk tank which occurs later today will count for some invigoration, right?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 227

No energy. Still trying the run in the morning thing. Need to remember to at least drink something before I go. I was waddling. 2.35 miles in 27:13. Wasn't four miles, but it was more than one mile.

Day 226

Ran four miles, in the morning no less. 44:46. Ran the trail loop which was nice, got some sun (very slight sunburn of course,) and was done. Hey I can still run more than one mile.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 225

141 days to go. Today I am home in Colorado Springs and we had a family run! The wife did a 4 miler and we all joined her for the last mile. Two strollers three kids, one of them ran the whole way and two parents pushing them around in the CO heat which is much less than the Vegas heat, but still very sweat inducing. Only one mile, isn't my break over? ;) oh well....

Week 32 Totals

Total mileage: 8.85
Total time: 93:03
Avg miles: 1.264
Avg time: 13:17
Avg pace: 10:30
Progressing avg miles: 1.80

Ok this was a pitiful week, but it was a designated rest week. Didn't kill the average but time is running out.

Day 224

Moving day in Vegas. Heading home, yeah! Happy to see the fam, and happy to be away from the glut of people who are desperately trying to part ways with their money. :) 1.19 in 12:11. I was tempted to run more to try and bump the total mileage which will be ridiculously low, but I will listen to the coach.

Day 223

Changed the route a little bit again. Afternoon run and it is BLAZING. Tried to stay in the shade and ran along the back side of hotels where all the employees are coming in and out. 1.3 in 14:00 or so. Had to be about 115. I went and jumped in the pool afterwards. Very nice, but still very hot.

Day 222

Does this count as a milestone 222? Ran the loop, slowly. Just tired and worn out from the conference/travel/etc. 13:11.

Update: Well actually it does count as a milestone. How is that for funny? One of these typical, sick of this posts and runs and it was my 400th mile for the year! Rather ignominious I must say.

Day 221

Altered the route a bit, but it was mostly the same. Went around some condemned buildings and such and then came back the same way as before. Someone asked me how far I had run. Why do they ask when I've only run 1.19? Why not when I've run 10? oh well. 12:35. Dogging it.

Day 220

OK I got a little adventurous. This was an afternoon run and I started to explore a bit. I've never been over to the Wynn hotel so I just decided I was going to run there. Did so, walked through the casino/shops area, (gee it looks just like every other casino/shops area on the strip I've ever seen (ok maybe not the same as the World Trade Center hotel (R.I.P.) that place had adhesive price tags on everything - including the marble lion statues out front)) and then ran back, even ran a bit on the strip and did the whole dodge/pedestrians/cars/hand billers/and police on bikes game. It keeps you on your toes. 1.6 in 16:57. At least one mile was continuous....

Day 219

Ok despite my attempts in the past at "gold standards" and the like I'm taking a week off. OK not really, but I will be listening to my "coach" and only running near the bare minimum for a week. Hopefully my foot will feel a little better. We shall see. I'm into the morning running while I'm in Vegas though I'd better make it before the 9am that was today because 9am still equals >100 degrees. 1.19 miles in 12:15.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 218

Same route, same time, didn't get up. Still cloudy so not unbearably hot. 1.19 miles in 11:54.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week 31 Totals

Total mileage: 11.19
Total time: 126:41
Avg miles: 1.6
Avg time: 18:05
Avg pace: 11:19
Progressing avg miles: 1.83.

Ok this was a chincy/slacker week. What can you say other than it is done.

Day 217

I'm in Las Vegas for a week, and I'm sick. Fever and brain-splitting headache. Took some tylenol, slept for a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon and then went out for a run. The one nice thing about running in Las Vegas is that it is flat, pretty much everywhere. The bad things include, heat, trash, drivers with a palpable death wish for a pedestrian, crime, heat, and more heat. Even in the evening with 100% cloud cover it was HOT. However I did have a first. It rained. In the desert. Admittedly it was only a sparse few droplets, but I did feel it. That is the first time I have ever seen rain in all the times I have been here. Wild, wacky stuff. One mile or so in 12:13.

Edit: 1.19 miles according to gmaps.

Day 216

Back to one mile. Ok I have been convinced by my wife to rest a bit. 11:00. Probably makes sense, but it ain't going to help the average.

Day 215

Ran five miles in 51:00. Had to try and up the mileage a little bit after the ridiculous one miles four times in a row. On the treadmill.

Day 214

Ran one mile again. Got to the end of the day and there just wasn't much time. Knee is sore. The bottom of my right foot is REALLY sore and has been that way for a week. 10:24.

Day 213

Ran one mile again. No time for anything else. 11:00.