Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 513-514 I own the night, no really

Hey I remembered how to run farther than a mile!  Apparently though, some people have not heard about the fact that I own the night.  This means I'm supposed to be the only person running through my neighborhood at 11:15 pm.  ESPECIALLY the uber-sprinting guy/runner/ninja who came up behind me and scared the holy hand grenade out of me last night.  Didn't even hear him coming.  I would like to pretend that my reaction was one of an instant and spontaneous martial arts-based lethal unarmed response, which due to my cat-like reflexes I was able to restrain at the last second, moments before ending this guy's life.  However it was actually more like, "AIGHAER!  What the?  Who ?  Why? Did I just mess myself?"  accompanied by a six foot jump off the sidewalk.  This was then followed by improper angry thoughts of "Why can't you make more NOISE when you run?!?  You know, like the scraping, dragging waddle I engage in!  How rude.  And do you have to run that fast?  Up the stinkin' hill!  Seriously!!"

So everyone in my neighborhood, please no more running after 11pm.  Dodging the loitering skate boarders, roaming rabid dogs, and free wheeling semi-trucks is enough.  (By the way, where was that guy in January when it was -25 degrees?  You need to EARN your 11:15 pm running rights, buddy!)

As a side note, go over and encourage Mr. Half-fast who is starting a running streak.  My prediction is that he will hit thirty days and realize that stopping would mean the streak is over.  Can't waste those thirty days of fun!!   Just think, for those of you starting streaks today, you're only 100,000 streak miles behind the Raven.

Finally, I have to share this video.  I've been pondering doing the ultra-thang,  mostly 'cus it seems really stupid and rather insane.  This vid covers some ultra experiences this guy put together, and they are simply put, INCREDIBLE.  Be warned, this may cause you to want to try did me.

513 4.5 in 49:56
514 1.0 in 110:06

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 512 - Ultra is done!

I so very much appreciate the wisdom of readers.  As Monsieur Feet Meet Street suggested, (Nitmos is French right?  ;)  since my currently desired ultra distance is fifty miles, my finish time (based on the pitiful amounts I've been running lately) for the race is ....fifty days!  Woo hoo!  Scratch that ultra thing off the list for sure.  

I think if I'm going to make the official race cutoff time, I may have to pick up the pace a little...

So I was supposed to start the pre-ultra bulid up to the real ultra plan plan on Monday, then Tuesday, which means it is now Wednesday.  At some point I'm going to start.  The difficulty in the starting is if it happens then I will probably try and finish.  I know, I know, try not, do or do not...yada yada  errr yoda yoda...

Also grats to Adam over at A Marathon of Misadventures on reaching 500 days of streak running!  Plus a whole bunch of miles and rather long races!   

 (I wonder if anyone is doing actual "streaking" streak running?  Now that would be impressive!   Maybe...)  

1.0 in 11:04

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 503-511 Hello World

Right so its been awhile since I've posted last.  The longest time away since I started this silliness.

The short story is the streak is alive and the knee is feeling good.

I haven't run more than one mile / day since the marathon (three weeks) in order to give some rest and recuperation time to the knee and I think it has helped.  

Now is the time to start running again.  You know, at least more than one mile.

How does a 50 miler sound?  Ridiculous?  Yes.  Stupid? Yes.  Injury-inducing? Likely.  No chance of making it?  Of course.  Gonna try it anyways?  mmmm still thinking about it.

503 - 1.0 in 10:45
504 - 1.0 in 10:20
505 - 1.0 in 10:35
506 - 1.0 in 10:02
507 - 1.0 in 10:00
508 - 1.0 in 9:32
509 - 1.0 in 8:20 
510 - 1.0 in 9:42
511 - 1.1 in 11:02

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 499-500 Cing Cents (Also Day 501-502)

500 days.  There it is.  It seems like a long time ago that I started running every day.  I've had people say they can't remember doing anything every day for that long, and I can definitely relate.  I'm not the model of consistency in much of anything.  I'm not really the obsessive-compulsive personality type.  There are a lot of other things that I've thought, "I need to do THAT every day."  Its funny that I've tried to start them, but just gotten lazy or had some other excuse and just stopped.  I guess consistency in one doesn't transfer to the others.  Ah well.  Gotta go.  Time to waddle on.  Yeah 500!

499 1.0 in 9:45
500 1.0 in 9:54
501 1.1 in 10:56
502 1.0 in 10:04

Knee is gonna require a medical opinion, unfortunately.  Strange pains and some popping.  Snap, crackle, pop Rice Krispies!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 497-498 - I'm a Boston Qualifier!

I'm really psyched, as I just found out that my marathon time was fast enough to qualify me for the Boston Marathon. Woo hoo!

That is, my time would qualify me if I was a woman over the age of 80. uhhh yeah about that.

I really enjoy making fun of my own slowness, its sort of a sport that I'm actually good at. However I do also have a competitive streak, which is probably why sticking it to Mario Lopez and laying the smack down on Big Al appeals to me so much.

May I enjoin you in a moment of philosophical meandering? I've been thinking about the significance of having a running streak, and what it actually means. My summary of thought is this; it means something to me, and that is enough. There have been times when I caught myself thinking, "I want to do this because this seems cool, or it might mean something to someone else." However the thing that ultimately keeps me doing it is the same reason that I started doing it, which is: I want to change things about myself, and I want to do something, that for me, seems really ridiculously hard. (Challenge!) I'm sure all runners have that internal dialogue to some degree. "Should I? or Shouldn't I?" The people on the sidelines who might say "you're running is amazing" "Or you're running? That is stupid I would never do that" aren't on the five mile course at midnight in the middle of winter. Its just you. Its just you getting up at the crack of dawn to go beat the streets and beat your body into submission. No cheering fans on those runs eh? For those that encourage us, and those who have been a source of support, we, I, say a HUGE thank you, of course. (Looking at you "teh wifey") However, ultimately you make the decision, does this mean something to me? Is it worth it?

At this point running every day doesn't seem like much of a challenge anymore. (Though I know it could end any day, outside of my control.) And as I look at about twenty-thirty running blogs about streaks, I'm tempted to tell myself, "You? you're no big deal. This running thing? Boom! Outta here." (Especially when I read about the guy who is joggling during his running streak. That is reee-DONK-ulous.) However, when you sweep aside all the peripheral stuff, it does mean something to me.

I may stop at 500 days. I may keep going. I may pick a new goal which seems impossibly hard to me. The value, at least in terms of my own self-development and setting goals and achieving them is intact despite any outside perspectives or judgments. Serving that fickle master (external value, feedback, opinions) will only lead to disappointment. Today I asked my self that question, is it worth it? My response? Lace 'em up.

/end philosophy rant to self.

Day 497 1.0 in 1052
Day 498 1.0 in 9:56
Knee is still kind of jacked, but feeling somewhat better....

Also, to preserve another kind of streak, to get some fabulous running advice, you should check this out.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 496 - Slap Chop

Late night, 11:15pm run.  I actually prefer running at night.  I think I just like feeling like I am somehow escaping the human press of suburbia and life in the big city.  (Yeah I know, I grew up in MT, any town that has a McDonald's is a big city.)  The knee lasted about 8-9 minutes before the pain started, so that is an improvement.  

I'm discerning from all the other blogs I read, that the thing to do after finishing the marathon, is to pick out the next one.  It would be nice to run more than a mile before I think about such things, but it has crossed my mind.  There are a lot of possible reasons to run another one, but I think my motivation will probably be similar to what it was before.  And although it is VERY early to be starting the faux, one-sided, challenge-your-manhood twitters to innocent people with the same name, celebrity smack talk, I can't resist throwing down the gauntlet, albeit to a slightly different target...

4:58 in the Marine Corps marathon?  Al, you is gonna get the Slap Chop!!!!

p.s. My apologies for the slap chop links.  That thing is pathologically virulent.  I've been going through the day afraid that I'm going to be in a work meeting and make a comment about making salad...or about nuts...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 493-495 Greetings world

Breakthrough day.  I did a run that did not reach the level of excruciating pain today.  Hooray!  I'm hoping it was just an over use/strain type of thing.  There aren't really ligaments in that area to be strained, but who is counting?  

I actually spoke the words out loud "I want to go do a long run."  Sheer craziness.  Not being able to do one is making this like extended taper madness I suppose.  I don't want to lose all the endurance that came from such painstaking efforts.  Have to pull in the reins to avoid exacerbating injuries.  Ah the balancing act.  

Also, for some reason, I can not stop watching this....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Days 489-492 Sheer Stupidity

Right so I wanted to keep my marathon race report positive, and thus I left out one little detail.  I came out of it with some kind of knee injury.  Its not like catastrophic, but it has resulted in swollenness and some moderately excruciating pain when moving.  The swelling had gone down a bit after a couple of days and I thought it might be getting better, but the pain has persisted til now, and thus I'm afraid I'll have to do a doctor visit.  Needless to say the running has been ridiculous.  I would describe it as a combination of limping, waddling, wincing, grunting, and moaning.  In short it is sheer and utter stupidity to be running right now.   Teh wifey ran with me on the first day so she can attest to the fact that it still technically is running, but it now is pretty much against all rational advice ("stop if it hurts" "get some rest" "take a break" etc.)

The day after the marathon was honestly probably the second worst of the streak so far.  The first was when I was running with a back muscle strain.  Honestly I'm not sure exactly why I am still running other than I had decided to do the streak for one more year.  And it has become difficult to think about stopping.  Here's praying that this thing can be healed normally, and isn't major.

489 - 1 mile in 13:42
490 - 1 mile in 12:55
491 - 1 mile in 13:32
492 - 1 mile in 12:24

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Race Report - Ft. Collins Old Town Colorado Marathon pt 1 of 285

I thought I'd split up everything I had to say about the race in to a few easy to read segments (like 285.)  Don't want to bore you or anything, ha!  

Hey I ran a marathon!  What do you say about it?  All you marathoners know what there is to say.  All you non-marathoners (hee hee I can say that now) go run one and then you will know.  Its a good time...

It was a great day.  God is good to me.  We had been pretty concerned that it was going to rain/snow for most of the race, as the weather forecasters seemed to indicate something like that.  This led to a frantic search for some rain gear that I could run in, the night before the marathon.  Why do I go crazy like that sometimes?  Somehow I convince myself I have to be prepared for anything.  Like somehow its going to snow 12 feet (ok they had gotten like 54" in one day a few weeks ago) and I'm going to run through it.  Ah well.  It meant I only got about four hours of sleep, but I think that is pretty typical sleep for the night before the marathon eh?

The day started at 3:45, my sister (who was running the half-marathon with exactly two training runs (you=1337hax0r!!!! rock it sis!)  and I got up, raced down to the hotel lobby and jumped on the shuttle bus which took us to the Transit center where the real buses would take us up to the top of Cache La Poudre Canyon.

The vibe for the marathon is awesome.  Energy is high, cameraderie is instantaneous, its just a great feel.  Everyone is jonesing to go do something crazy like run for a long time.  Its an amazing group performance.  The bus ride was about an hour.  Sat next to a dude who was trying to qualify for his third Boston.  Forced to listen to some nerd loudly bore his seatmate to tears expounding on his knowledge of archaeological evolution.  Good times.

Got to the top of the course, and got ready to run.  My friend who just got done with his second Iraq deployment and who had invited me to run this crazy thing was there along with a friend of his.  Excitement was high, weather was perfect, nice and cold/cool and warmed up as we went along.

The first half went fabulously.  I walked only the aid stations for about 20-30 seconds each, and was feeling great.  No double D, no tiredness, going way too fast.  

Isn't it funny how you "get to know" the people who are running around you?  You might not even talk to all of them, but you recognize them and if you're like me come up with names for them.  (Canada Dry guy (wearing a Canadian jersey and flag combo, the IPOD ladies who were singing songs as they ran including "I like Big Butts" and offered to be my musical entertainment since I wasn't listening to my MP3 player, that whole group of people you look at and say, "There is NO WAY that guy is beating me!!!"  and then there was short shorts guy.  Short shorts guy was an EXTREME race walker.  He was full blown, elbows flaring to the sky, gel belt, garmin pace tracking, race walk 10:42 minutes / mile guy.  I knew I probably couldn't beat him, but I really wanted to stay close, just in case he might trip and I could win at the end.  Also, as referenced by his name, his shorts were like just a weeeee bit too short.  Ouch.  Staying in front was better than being "behind." He also was really steady pace wise so I could tell how I was doing.  )

First half was in 2:22:22.  I was pretty excited and somewhat nervous about that as that is way fast for me.  Those times represent my 10k PR, Half marathon and every other distance above 5-k.  I really wanted to keep up that pace until I saw the fam which was supposedly around mile 15.  It wound up being mile 17, so I wound up hitting mile 18 at 3:19.  Again way fast, but I was feeling great.

When I saw the fam/best support team ever (signs, cow bells, every painkiller known to man, awesome hugs, and pacing runs from the 6, 4, and 1 year olds)  I met up with my friend who had hung back to run with me.  Running with him was great.  The part of the course we ran together was not so great.  The first seventeen miles of the course are amazing.  Running down this river canyon in the mountains, high rock walls, whitewater in the river, bit of fog in the morning, seeing the sun come up over the cliffs and mountains, good stuff.  Mile 17-26 was like running through the desert.  It got warmer, you could see forever, and it was sagebrush and dirt.  Not nearly as much fun.  Also considerably less fun for my friend who was having extreme knee pain.  We had a lot of fun talking and walking, and it was absolutely great to be able to finish with him.

At the finish the fam' was there again.  Got to give teh wifey a nice hug and "mouth fight"  (my six year old's term) tell her thanks, and run across the finish line with my two sons.  How great is that?  

I think the most exhilarating moment was just after crossing the finish line, they cut off my chip (thanks I didn't want to bend over) and I took a few steps and then I saw the dude.  It was the dude handing out the medals.  I stopped.  Looked at what he had, and then looked up at him.  He was nodding his head at me as if to say "Oh yeah.  This is for YOU!"  I had really done it!  That was an unbelievable feeling.  I get a little emotional even thinking about it now.

Final time was 5:15 not counting the two minutes it took me to get to the start from the back of the pack.  Mario Lopez can chew on that one for a while.  I did twitter a challenge-your-manhood type statement towards Mr. Lopez, which accidentally went to some totally unrelated Mario, sorry about that :)

The best advice I got was from teh wifey (and echoed by many of you) and that was to relax and enjoy it!  I can honestly say, maybe for the first time ever, that I had fun running.  488 days ago, I could barely waddle a mile, weighed half a c-note more than I do today, and the idea of a marathon brought about thoughts of greek warriors, running, and death.  Who'da thunk it?  The times they are a changing...

some generic pics...I left off the amazing puke pic (like a three foot stream!) for those with weaker stomachs...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 487

The running streak is still alive. One mile down. Marathon tomorrow. Head cold, flaring knee, strained hamstring, predicted weather of near freezing weather, cold winds and snow/rain a certainty....I say BRING IT!

(stated from the warm cozy hotel room)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 486 - On our way

After being filmed while running (that is a whole different blog post) I got my one mile in for today.  We are leaving this afternoon to head up to Ft. Collins for the race.  The imaginary pains are kicking in.  The taper madness has gone to new heights.  Its sheer craziness at this point.  I'll probably twitter some updates from my phone, and a race report will be forthcoming!  Good luck to all those running this weekend!

1.0 miles in 10:42.