Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 304 - Them's Fightin' Words!

Right.  So I've sort of avoided going to the doctor this year.  I sort of knew in the back of my mind if there was anything physically wrong I would get the, "Well stop running every day idiot" remarks.  Seeing as I have no intention of stopping, I just decided I didn't want to hear it.  Well the avoidance ended today as I stopped by for a checkup.  To no one's surprise I got the hey you are killing your joints you should stop now or you will wind up looking like Don Imus.  (That is a semi-accurate paraphrase, the Imus part is true.)  I'm not sure what running has to do with looking like a radio show host, but apparently there is direct cause effect relationship.  Needless to say the result of this was me being ticked.  Yeah I know pounding my joints everyday with my immense, uh personality maybe isn't the best idea since running the Boulder Pumpkin Run, but what is the alternative?  Eating my way to a diabetic stupor through pounding nacho cheese coated twinkes?  I know there is a nice convenient "middle ground"  that might involve cross training, taking a day off, blah blah blah not interested.  At least right now.  There will be a day, probably not far from now where I will take a day off, but as it has been said more eloquently by others, today is not that day.

3.25 in 33:46.

Don't drive angry.  Running is ok.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 303 - the usual jive

Rest day on the plan means I run a mile, actually 1.1 in 12:24, but who is counting?  I looked back on the plan and realized I missed two miles on it, but I figure I will make that up in rest days.  Running.  What it is.  What it was.  What it shall be.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 302 - In the still of the night

Cool crisp evening.  Ran 2.25 miles out in 25ish minutes, then back in 22ish  minutes.  Ran the 3 miles + approx. 13:30 total in pickups.  4.5 miles total in 48:14.  No mp3 player just listening and looking.  Ran in a rural part of was nice and quiet other than the ranch dog threatening to attack on one section.  Felt like I could go and go and go at the initial pace.  Need new batteries for headlamp....outrunning the current ones.  :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 43

Mileage: 13.85
Time: 150:36
Avg miles: 1.98
Avg time: 21:30
Avg pace: 10:52
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 613.2
Total time: 6831:34

Right so 800 for the year is not going in the right direction.  Need to average over twenty miles/week now for the remaining nine weeks.  Oh and then the plan, right.

Day 301 - The eight miler that never was.

So the Tampa rays have some new math where 9=8.  (9 players on a baseball team, 8 games to win the world series after the divisional series is over.)  My math is 8=3.  As in my eight miler on the plan turned into three.  I love the new math.  30:27.

Day 300 - Guess I should have celebrated or something

Went by and I didn't even notice because I'm slow on the log.  And slow everywhere else.  I didn't run, oh wait I did.  One mile.  You know cus I'm really going to run a lot tomorrow. Uh huh.  Sure.
I felt like I could have, just so you know.

Day 299 - plan? what plan?

Right so the plan is just more of a suggestion right?  Something to think a bit about and then toss aside?  I ran 2.45 in about 28:56.  But if you add rest days that makes it more?  Close to the plan?

Day 298 - rest?

Pssht there is no rest.  One mile in 11:00.

Day 297 - Starting the program

So I'm starting this half-marathon training program, though I don't really want to.  I'm not really that interested to be honest, but I guess at least it is a goal to work towards.  I will be starting on week four of the nine week program.  Ran 4.4 miles in 47:40.  4 miles, then four pickups.  There ya go.

Day 296

Check me if you've heard this story before.  One mile, late at night, in about eleven minutes.  Check.

Day 296

Check me if you've heard this story before.  One mile, late at night, in about eleven minutes.  Check.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 42 - Ten weeks left in the year!

Mileage: 13.7
Time: 148:18
Avg miles: 1.96
Avg time: 21:11
Avg pace: 10:49
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 599.35
Total time: 6680:58
Year long projections: 746.13

Didn't quite hit that 600 number.  I think at this point my goal for the year is 800 miles.  I will have to do 20 mile weeks for the rest of the year.  Considering that some of my running will be in Kenya and an airport or two, it might be interesting.....

Day 295 - a bit later.

Ran 1.0 miles in 12:00.  It was very early in the day.  Makes for a long break.

Day 294 - Lightsaber coming out of my head/beating the bunny/why not?

I needed 5.05 to make it to 600 for the year.  So I headed out into the dark and fog about 11:15 last night.  With the headlamp on in the fog, it looked like I had a giant yellow glowing lightsaber/club coming out of my head, right between my eyes.  It was just a little distracting.  2/3 of the way into the run the light started getting dim and then went out.  I was more than a little jazzed to think I had outrun my energizer batteries, but then realized they weren't totally dead, as the headlamp still worked in the funny "red light" mode.  I actually felt like a runner today.  Energy, feeling good, going farther than I thought.  I also thought more about goals and running longer races.  I'm thinking about trying a half and then a full with Michael in June.  We shall see.  What I mean when I say I'm thinking about it is that I told myself while running in my mentally decapacitated mode that I was definitely doing it, but I'm still being wishy washy about saying it, cus then I will actually have to do it.  I made about 4.7 miles before the day ran out.  It was more than one.  50 minutes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 291, 292, 293

3x1 mile in 11:30, 10:50, and 10:08.

Day 290

Three miles approximately, in thirty two minutes.  Running up first, and down second is definitely my preferred method.  The horse running back to the barn is definitely my mindset.

Update: right so it was actually more like 2.7 miles.  :(  No more checking on gmaps.  Grossly incorrect assumptions ftw!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 289

One mile in 10:50.  More moonlight action.  

Day 288 - baking a bun

The moonlight run.  Tonight the wifey and I took a date night.  It was a very romantic setting.  We joing a few crazies from the local running club for their monthly moonlight run.  The run was down in the Garden of the Gods, on a hilly  course, and the temperature was in the thirties, but it was fun!  You know as far as running goes.  ;)  Had a fun dinner afterwards.  Oh and I mentioned to the group of strangers that the wifey had a handicap because she was carrying another person inside of her (aka Prego) was fun!
Thanks Mrs. Streak Runner!
2.3 in 23:00.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 41

Mileage: 10.45
Time: 115:28
Avg miles: 1.49
Avg time: 16:29
Avg pace: 11:02
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 585.65

Day 287

2.35 miles in the moonlight.  I felt fast.  It was almost fun.  25:30.

Day 286

Run more than one mile?  Nah.  I'd rather procrastinate and wait until the last possible minute to run one mile in 11:30.

Day 285

See previous post.  Its late at night, dark, and cold.  It must mean I'm running one mile in about 12 minutes.

Day 284

Ran one mile, it is getting cold outside.  Interrogative, exciting? no.  Done? yes.  11:30.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 283

Back at the gym, on the nice soft cushy treadmill.  3 miles in 29:58.  It gets so stinkin hot in that place, especially when there are a lot of people.  Meant for it to be four, but just didn't have time.  My joints are a cause for concern.  My hip is painful today, and the knees have a strange burning sensation.  Gonna try to up the icing frequency above 0 and see if that helps.

Day 282

OK so I'm taking another recovery day.  It'll stop, yeah right.  1.05 miles in 11:00.  Knees are still a little sore, but getting better.  blah blah blah

Day 281

Recovery day, literally waddled 1.05 miles in 14:00 +.  I was technically running, but the knees were extremely sore.  Muscles were feeling good, just the joints.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week 40

Mileage:  19.21
Time: 223:00
Average miles:  2.74 Average time:  31:51Avg pace: 11:36Progressing avg miles: 2.05

Total Mileage: 575.2
Total Time: 6417:22Total Average time: 22:57
Total Average pace:  11:09

Year long projections Mileage:  751.86857 Time:  8388:11:50


So I made mention of kicking out a 13.1 miler and I did.  Thanks muchly to the motivation and encouragement of my wifey, without whom I think I would have stopped after Day 1.  and Day 2. and Day 3.  You get the idea.  She suggested 13.2 to be OVER the 13.1 mark.  The best I could do was 13.11.  My problem was I got behind in my hydration and then at the 1:45 mark ate some sport beans without drinking enough water to accompany them.  The end result of which I believe was me hugging the porcelain throne after the run was over.  Fun times!  I did make my goal time of 2:30 (2:29:30.)   My brain function devolves during that much running and also utters things like, I'm never running again, and such things.  Actually don't feel too bad the day after, thanks to the wifey helping me out with a recovery drink.  The wifey=tehr0x0rbombastickewlhawtsawss.  ftw.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 275,276,277,278,279

Yeah I'm lazy.  In more ways than one.  For the previous days I have run one mile / day in an average of 12:00.  Motivation is lagging.  Desire is absent.  Waddling seems like too much effort.  Then I go read the latest post here. Boy I need a heavy dose of reality more often.  Not that slowing down, or running less is bad, not that having some down times is the worst thing ever, but how about some perspective?  Set some goals, go after it, and GET IT DONE.  /endofstory.

Today seems like a good day for a 13.1 miler...  :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September to Remember

So I partipicipated this month in the September to Remember challenge. My previous high was 82.36 (August of '08.)  My total for this month was ....83.47.  Yes, I beat it.  No, not by a lot.  OK the point was to beat it right?  Not obliterate it?  A win is a win is a win?  My 30 mile week which was preceded by a 25 mile week sort of got me there and did me in at the same time.    Thanks for the challenge it kept me going when I didn't really want to, and helped with the goal setting for the month.  We need another challenge or I'm going straight to seven miles/week (one/day.)

Day 274 - one more day

So this is my "extra" day of the month I forgot about.  1.1 in 13:00.  Right didn't exactly obliterate the record, but yeah.  Late night run and angry.  Running angry is the way to go I think, it makes you think less about the running part.  :)

Week 39

Mileage: 14.45
Time: 150:59
Avg miles: 2.06
Avg time: 21:34
Avg pace: 10:26
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 555.99
Total time: 6196:30
Total avg time: 22:42
Toal avg pace: 11:09

Year long projections: 
mileage: 745
time: 8307:2

Day 273 - the run into the sun

It sounds dramatic but isn't really.  So at my "gym"  (a big glorified room with some machines and free weights in it) all the treadmills are up front next to the windows.  The windows face west.  This means in the late afternoon the sun beats in heavily.  Which would be no problem if they had blinds on all the windows which they don't.  It being a strangely busy day, I got stuck on one of the treadmills with blind-less windows, and thus my normally profuse sweating turned into a gusher of salty liquid spraying violently in all directions.  (How is that for lovely imagery?)  I ran 2.7 in 26:30 to put me over the monthly record for the challenge.  Then I realized afterwards there is one more day in the month!!!