Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 484-485 - Too much thinking

The obsession which is running.  Hmmm.  Four days to go.  I'm not sure what to even think.  Really I think, its not a big deal.  Lots of people do it.  Lots of people do it a lot faster than you will.  You've already done 20+ mile training run(s) so big whoop. Thats me downplaying everything as usual.

Then I think, will this be fun?  Will this just hurt a lot?  What will it be like?  Is the Double D going to hit at an inopportune time?  Will I even care? 

I don't generally ask if I will make it.  This is probably because I've already visualized me crawling for 20+ miles over the course of two days just to finish.  I will want to quit, but seeing as the fam will be waiting, and I don't care for the "quit" label much there really is no option.  I know it could happen outside of my control, but I'm not allowing that thought into my mind.  Broken leg, utter exhaustion, stomach volcano, these will not be the cause of stopping, or so I have decided.  You know, while I'm not actually running.

I'm reading all these marathon stories, and mostly I just think about what it will be like.  Is it all just craziness?  Probably.

Day 484 - 1.0 in 11:52
Day 485 - 1.1 in 11:42

Or then there is the race report of the "bandit" who finished last in the Boston Marathon.  9 hours and 40 minutes.  I'm hoping to beat that time....p.s. I think bandits are lame.

His quotes:  "I'm pretty sure that by the time I finished, the Kenyans were already back in Africa celebrating.  "

Finally, there may be some hope for a new category at Boston....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 481-483 Really Big Hair x8

I saw someone reference this song, and it brought back some memories.  Like the ridiculous number of times I played this as a geek in pep band in high screwl.  It does thematically relate to the blog as the final countdown is on!  Six days, and I think it's strategy time.

The game plan for the marathon.  What should it be?  I could go with A) Start slow and gradually get slower.  B) Start slower and keep the slow pace.  C) sell the race registration on ebay.  Your thoughts?  Seriously, most of the advice I see is to try and keep it slow (yeah I know, its a relative term) in the first part with the idea of keeping some energy to survive the last part.  Then there is the alternative school of thought which is, you're going to be in pain and agony during the last part regardless of what you do, so you should go with the faster, semi-slow pace to get through some miles more quickly.  What are your thoughts marathon vets, running scientists, and doooods sitting on the couch?  

Had a five miler on Sunday that I was pretty excited about.  Hilly course, in some serious wind but managed to crank out a 5 miler in 49:30.  That for me is, as my six year old would say, "Rolling with Smoke."  (a combination of on a roll, and smokin'!)  I actually felt like I was more in shape today than I was 483 days of running ago...Its a nice feeling.

Lastly I was tagged!!! Right so I know I'm sort of anti-social, and my social networking includes using pseudonyms on facebook, but I've never been tagged before.  I'm a little giddy, and feel very warm and fuzzy, so it may affect my answers....

8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Ran (may have happened once or twice before)
  2. Taught a class that involved the Family Feud
  3. Gave marriage advice (whoah!)
  4. Played a game with my technologically savant six year old (dadhood is teh awesome)
  5. Held the hand of the best wifey in the world
  6. Made up a song to the tune of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" with all of my kids, there were some dance moves busted out
  7. Went to bed early (coach's orders)
  8. Had a great day at church

8 Things I Wish I Could Do/Want to Do

  1. Run a marathon faster than Mario Lopez
  2. Make decisions in seven breaths or less (follow the  Bushido)
  3. Do more than one pushup at a time
  4. Fly a plane
  5. Help George Lucas write the next series of Star Wars movies
  6. Read more books
  7. Hang out with the clan more often
  8. Figure out what I want to do when I grow up

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Lost
  2. Man vs Food  FTW!
  3. The Unit
  4. Sportscenter
  5. Premiere League Soccer on FSC
  6. Heroes when it comes out on DVD
  7. The Guild
  8. Seekers

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

  1. Being done with the marathon
  2. Being on the US Running Streak active list
  3. See teh wifey qualify for Boston
  4. Seeing my sis run a half marathon in a few days!
  5. vacation, any will do
  6. learning something new, anything
  7. coming home to the fam, tonight (can you tell I like them?)
  8. watching Seekers II, the Search for mo' money

8 Things I Want to Know More About: Tag You're It!

  1. Try Running
  2. Soli Deo Gloria
  3. Moriah
  4. Vava
  5. Anyone else who would like to be tagged?
I won't be offended if any of you refuse... :)  

Day 481 1.0 in 10:12

Day 482 5.0 in 49:30

Day 483 1.0 in 12:10

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 478 - 480 I blame it on the Madness

The Taper madness that is.  Sorry for taking to task those who were checking out the blog and having fun with me.  I know it was all in good fun, I was just being overly "senSHUHtive."  I blame it on the sickenss/plague I've been infected with lately and this taper business.  

I'm not the type who will argue with anyone about running LESS.  I need no encouragement for that for sure, but the whole "taper"does sort of drive me crazy.  Mostly because there is part of my brain that says, "Hey you haven't run more than a few miles in a long time now, your endurance is gone!!!  You will die after mile one of the marathon AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (in an evil maniacal voice.)"  I know that isn't true, (I'm sure I can make it to mile two) and this is like the last thing I ever thought I would say, but its everything I can do to not go bust out a ten miler.  Is this normal?  Yeesh.

P.S.  Running while sick, is not fun.  Its one of the worst parts of this running every day thing.  My positive spin on it is that at least I'll be over it and done when the marathon hits...nine days to go...

Day 478 - 1.0 in 10:43
Day 479 - 1.0 in 10:22
Day 480 - 2.35 in 24:10.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey here's a news flash, for those of you who may just be joining us or for those not paying attention -- I'm not fast. No really, its true. Some peeps who were checking out the site for the first time were making kidding comments about running a mile in 11:42. (Apparently they didn't see where I ran one in 13:42 or higher while I had a back injury, then I really would have heard it :) I'm sure to most reasonable people that is slow. Guess what, it is what it is. If I waddle, then I waddle. If I plod, then I plod. If I make Mario Lopez look like Usain Bolt, fine. I'm still running. I would clearly be disqualified from the professional race-walk competitions for running, so to me it counts. It may take me multiple days to finish the marathon, but I plan on finishing. If you can walk a mile faster than I run one, great, go do it, good for you! I never claimed to be training for the Olympics, or even for this..(though it does get good news coverage)
I'm just running. Every day. For a while. Ok /end rant. Picked up a cold yesterday, and a sore back today to complete the mix, so I'm probably in a generally agitated state. My apologies.

Day 476 1.0 in 10:13
Day 477 1.0 in 9:36

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 473-475 I just ran a 5-k "hovering around" eight minutes

OK right so its time to step up some of my Mario Lopez smack.  Less than two weeks to go now till the marathon of pain (because I'm supposed to run.)  I'm looking for some more info on the shirtless wonder and I find his "I'm a Runner" feature in the Runner's World archives.  Here are some highlights for you.

Tell us about running Boston.
I ran the Boston Marathon in 2002 for a charity called the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I nearly didn't do it because I hurt my ankle a couple weeks before the race. But I just taped it up and gutted through it. I ran it with my then-girlfriend, who wanted me to stay with her, and she kept stopping and starting. It was a really leisurely race. We even stopped for lunch. So my time wasn't fast, 
hovering around five hours. I've done a bunch of half marathons since, and I'd love to do another marathon, like the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego, my hometown, or one in LA, where I live now. But my schedule always seems to get in the way.

Hovering around five hours??  Uhhhhh final finish time for Mr. Lopez was 5:41:41.  Right.  Thus my title of running a 5-k "hovering around" eight minutes.  I guess we have to allow some give or take right?  Then there's the fact that he spends the vast majority of time making excuses.  
Shall we count?  
Hurt ankle - check 
Taped the ankle up - check
Ex-girlfriend slowing me down - check
She was really slow and kept stopping - check 
Stopped for lunch.  Stopped for lunch?  Schnikes!  check.  
Lie about finishing time - check  
Mention a whole lot of races that were sooooo much better, but I won't tell you which ones 'cus you might check the times, check
I'd love to soooo beat that time, but you know I'm busy and stuff - check.

Seriously.  When I finish in nine hours and the finish line is packed up and gone when I get there, I will be taking RESPONSIBILITY.  I will own that sucker.  No excuses.  I will be reveling some sweet marathon finishing lactic acid.  And I won't be packing a picnic basket either.

473 - 1.0 in 11:42
474 - 3.25  in 35:25
475 - 10.0 in 2:02  (I may have uttered the words, "Hey that was easy!"  shhh don't tell anyone.)

Last ten miler, nothing more than five miles or less!  Woo hoo.  I'm lovin' it.  

Just found this guy who apparently loves the Mario smack....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 472 - Double D

  • "At least one day before running, limit or avoid fiber and gas-producing foods, such as beans, bran, fruit and salad. If you run every day, experiment to find a tolerable level of fiber. Otherwise, simply eat high-fiber and gas-producing foods after you run.
  • At least one day before running, limit or avoid sweeteners called sugar alcohols — most often found in sugar-free candies, gum and ice cream.
  • For three to six hours before running, limit or avoid caffeine and high-fat foods.
  • For at least two hours before running, don't eat anything at all.
  • Before, during and after running, drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration can lead to THE DOUBLE D. Avoid warm liquids, however, which can speed food through the digestive tract.
  • While running, use caution with energy gel and energy bars. In some people, these products can contribute to THE DOUBLE D.
  • If you're lactose intolerant, switch to lactose-reduced or lactose-free milk and milk products.

In addition, wear comfortable, loosefitting clothing when you run. Clothing that's too tight around the waist may aggravate THE DOUBLE D. You might also consider reducing the intensity or distance of your runs until  THE DOUBLE D improves. Then gradually increase your activity as your signs and symptoms allow.

If these tips don't seem to help, consult your doctor for additional suggestions."

Can anyone guess what these tips from the mayoclinic online are for?

Yeah you all know what it is about by now....
The Double D.  
I'm not sure why I call it that, it really makes no sense, but maybe it will keep me off of the google-p   o   o  ing searches.  10 miler was cut short.  Made it 9.75 miles before the "issue" beame to pressing to continue....Its a little concerning this point.  I have adopted the "be prepared" strategy suggested by some of you, however I'd rather change things in order not to have to deal with it.  Guess I'll try some of those above.

9.75 miles was in 1:45.  These race predictor things drive me crazy, because according to them the marathon finish should be in like 4:52.  I know they are full of lies, but when I can't even do 21.5 in under five, my mind froths in confusion/rage/apathy.  Ah well, good thing I'm just having fun!  Trying to finish the distance.  And of course grind AC Slater into the asphault.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 470-471

So running after the long run is...a bit painful and very slow.  But the runs are done.  

The descent in distances until May 3rd has begun, and I'm rather happy about that.  Less limping throughout the day is good.  

Its funny how quickly you forget about the pain and suffering of the long run.  Even the day after I caught myself thinking, "well that wasn't too bad, I could go that far again."  Is that like nutso or what?  

470 1.0 in 13:14
471 1.0 in 12:12

I guess I should have thrown on an extra .5 miles as then I would have had my first ever 40 mile week....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 469 - Mario Lopez is laughing at me

/puke That might be the most distasteful thing I've ever done on the internet.  I was searching for a humorous picture of Monsieur Lopez.  I'm sure I hit all the gay pr0n filters that exist seeing as there are no pics of him with his clothes on.  Unnngh I'm going to be sick.

Anyway, 20 miler!  Right.  So chugging 48 oz of gatorade at the beginning of a long run is not a good idea.    This I have learned (Thats a long story.)   Also expecting a liquid belt that costs $9 from Wally World to last more than ten steps (literally) is also not a good idea.  *sigh*  Here is the summary:

I ran home from work!  Its not exactly 20 miles so I took the scenic route and did the Tour of Colorado Springs....

Hour one:  Feeling good, going way too fast on a slightly downhill course, carrying bottles in your hands doesn't help my wondrous running form
Hour two: Good googly why does it feel like the entire Indian ocean is inside my stomach.  took a wrong turn, added 1.5 miles, yeah!
Hour three: Oh no the Double D train is rocketing down the G.I. and I'm running on busy streets, will I get arrested for stooping on the sidewalk?  I'm walking way too much, but the alternative is less desirable
Hour four:  still lots of walking. walking hurts more than running. totally out of gas.
Hour five: I was supposed to be done.  Its getting dark.  Want to be done.

So I finished in 5:04:00.  Probably wound up doing 1.5-2 hours worth of walking.  This does not help your time.

I was struggling with the time thing quite a bit.  I was imagining Mario telling me he could stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and his 5:41 marathon time would still be safe from me.  I was also pretty dejected about the walking and blah blah blah SNAP  That is "teh wifey"/coach snapping me out of my introspective/perfectionistic/funk.  She gave me the perfect advice of having fun, realizing there are many things with the marathon that are totally out of your control, and stop worrying about time or you will miss the experience.  Yeah I know she is the best "teh wifey"/coach ever.

21.5 miles in a whole lot (5:04), but hey I did it.  468 days ago, doing something like this would have been unthinkable.  Mario, you can still stick it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 465-468 Adventure!

No this blog post is not about this kind of adventure, though that would be pretty fun still today, me thinks.  (confession of a computer geek.)  Today I was facing the pre-20 miler 4mile warmup.  Our weather had been having an identity crisis trying to determine whether it was an intense blizzard or just a torrential rain fall.  Thus I politley announced that perhaps I would find my way to the treadmill.  It was at this point that "teh wifey" suggested I was losing my sense of adventure.  Losing what? !  I've lost quite a few things, my ability to run under 6:00 miles, my wallet every other day, and clearly my mind, but NOT my sense of adventure.  Thus I took off on the four mile loop that follows a trail bordering a creek/river.  I'd normally say it is a large creek, but when the snow and moisture has been dumping for an entire day, the thing swells and becomes a raging river.  This makes the four mile loop rather interesting.  When it is in creek form, in a particular place of the trail you have to jump from rock to rock to get across and avoid getting wet.  In river form, the trail is entirely engulfed and impassable.  EXCEPT for those who have not lost their sense of adventure!  In this kind of adventure I had to fight through the inches of snow on the path and then get through a couple feet of racing water.  The water was a wee bit cold (outside temp of 32) however the most prominent thing that makes this water adventurous is the filth, as in all the garbage, refuse, feces, hypodermic needles, and whatever else the water washes off and into the river.  Now THIS is adventure!  Who knows what terror lies in the murky water that was up to my knees?  If I slipped at this point, I could be washed away into a sewage treatment plant, never to be heard from again. 

OK so this "adventure" is pretty mild really, but I like to build it up into an epic tale of wanton abandonment to the cause of running.  It sounds so much better than 4.0 in 44:12.

Day 468 4.0 in 44:12
Day 467 1.0 in 12:06
Day 466 10.0 in 1:48:00
Day 465 1.0 in 11:01

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 461-464 - Running home

Following the lead of the illustrious Vava on the point to point long runs, I initiated one this last Sunday.  There is a town near ours (ok is 16 miles away really near?) that I decided I'm just going to drive out there and run home, and then convince myself to run two more miles in order to do the whole 18 miler.  I figured the whole, horse goes faster going back to the barn speed/motivation might kick in.  I hadn't done the whole hide water/gatorade thing along the course but I gave it a try.  I liked the planning.  I liked seeing my route stretch across the gmaps view.  I didn't like that it was snowing and 20 degrees when I started at 4pm.  I didn't like it when I realized five minutes in that I was way underdressed for the 20-25 mph winds whipping across the plains.  Likes/dislikes there ya go.  The trail I was running on was really rather nice except for the four-five two foot snow drifts that I had to plunge through.  Teh wifey and kids aka the best support team on the planet actually went and BOUGHT me a sweatshirt and brought some amazing encouragement so that I wasn't entirely frozen by the time I got home and I had some energy to keep going (respectively :).  

It was a little strange motivation wise.  One of the things I kept thinking about to keep me going was "Hey when I get home I'm putting on my blog/twitter/facebook/socialnetworkingpukage that I ran home from this town!"   Is that odd to spend four hours thinking about what you are going to post?  

Yeah four hours.  For 18.0 miles.  This is not good.  Especially considering I felt like I took very few walking breaks.  I did sort of sprain/tweak my ankle about five miles in.  I think I had been making fairly decent (all relative) time for me up until that point.  After that I wound up running on the wrong side of the road because the opposite slope of the road somehow eased the pain of continuing to plod on.  I know I'm not going to get much faster between now and the race (3.5 weeks away) but seriously, MARIO LOPEZ IS GOING DOWN!!!!  I really have nothing personal against Monsieur Lopez (OK there was the whole afront to society in the form of his "acting") and I apologize if you are president of the local chapter of "Fans of Actors who randomly rip their shirt off to distract you from their complete lack of acting ability Fan Club" but I need an antagonist to my story.  I need a focus for my marathon rage.  When I bust out the "check it fools" posts, there needs to be a target, thus I choose Mario.  Mario prepared to be pwn3d...
(This means I need to be an electrifying 5:41 marathon time)

(How did I go from horses and barns to calling out AC Slater?)

461 - 18.0 in 240:00
462 - 1.0 in 13:06
463 - 1.0 in 11:45
464 - 1.0 in 10:55

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 457-460

Time is flying by.  After the delirium of having a blog link to mine, I had to rest and recover.  Resting doesn't mean not running, it just means, oh hey its been a week since I posted, oh yeah.

There were some one milers and a disgusting eight miler on the treadmill during which I felt like quitting after the first five steps.  And every five steps afterwards.  

There is one more week of marathon training buildup, after which if I survive then the mileage can start dropping to only semi-insane levels.  I haven't followed the plan to the letter of the law, but I am still running.  Such is my mantra,  "Just keep running."  Many times the running resembles crawling on hands and knees, but there is forward progress.  Except when I keep getting rocks in my annoying is that.

457 1.0 in 10:42
458 8.0 in 99:12
459 1.0 in 11:56
460 1.0 in 9:43

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 454-456 Le Chocolat

Insert really hilarious April Fool's day joke about how I stopped running, and the streak of running consecutive days is over.  AHAA ha ha.  Oh wasn't that clever?  OK lets move on.

Ran the overnight run tonight.  I'm a little suprised the locals don't call the cops on me when they see some strange figure with a headlamp and a man-bra (my a-little-bit-too-small reflective vest) waddling around their neighborhood in the middle of the night.  I think I would.

Then there's the whole, following the plan thing.  I'm five weeks away from the ridiculousness which is called a marathon.  I have been following a Runner's World marathon plan for beginners.  I looked for a plan designed for people who have no business running a marathon and are completely out of their minds just to think about such foolishness, but I couldn't find it.  I have sort of been following the plan, but since it is designed for running three-four days a week, and I am running *ahem* dragging my carcass around the neighborhood seven days a week, I do drop some of the mileage totals.  Theres a part of my brain that says if you follow the plan exactly you can have confidence in making the distance, and when you don't you are dooming yourself to the sight of a freight helicopter coming and hauling you out.  I know its probably not logical but that is the conversation in my mind.  The other conversation in my mind goes like this, 

Self #1 "Peanut M&Ms with dark chocolate mmmmmm tasty"   
Self #2 "Didn't you eat like a whole bag of those five minutes ago?"
Self #1 "M&Ms goood.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm........"
Self #2 "Uhhh right, pass those over here I need a bite"

Thus endeth Masterpiece theater for today.  

454 1.0 in 12:46 (yeah it hurt)
455 1.0 in 11:06 (yeah it was supposed to be like 3-5)
456 1.0 in 9:06