Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 364

5.7 in 59:13. Cheered on by the best cheersquad ever! Wife and kids + my hardcore sis! Rock on. Two days to go! Can you believe it?

Day 363 - A Track + A Chick + Me = Me getting chicked

OK. So I didn't technically get chicked again, but I might as well have. The only other lady besides my wifey (thus instantly making it a "fun" run) was a 75+ year old lady. The elderly woman started walking around the outside of the track while I was blowing through my miles. I was feeling pretty good about my chances of avoiding the chicked status, and started doing a little stylized bounding. This state of elation was interrupted when I came around the corner and glanced up in the stands next to the track. GRANNY WAS RUNNING STAIRS!!! Do I need to mention that there was still leftover ice and snow everywhere from the once in forty year Oregon snow? My reaction to this was "Uh oh....time to go." I headed for the track exit and gave her a high five. She gave me a little grin like, "good move sonny, you don't want none of this!"

Have I mentioned that running with my wifey is the best ever! As usual. If we had free use of babysitter time, this is what we would choose to do together (and have done in the past even when it wasn't free.) Good stuff. Wifey=tehhawtsawss.

4.2 in 44:01.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 362

4.2 in 47:45. Got chicked twice on the track. Did I mention they were running in lane five and I was in lane 0.5? four days to go...

Day 361

4.2 in 49

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 360 - Merry Christmas

A new day, a new coach. Today I ran with my li'l big sis. Who is a completely hawtsawss coach/runner/motivator. She provided the inspirational yelling like "YOU'RE NOT STOPPING UNTIL YOU SHOW ME THE END OF THIS TRACK!" or warm fuzzy feel good statements like, "YOU CALL YOURSELF A RUNNER?!? GET MOVING!!!" I jest a little, because most of the time she kept me smiling and not thinking about the whole running thing which I didn't really want to do. All the snow and ice is still there along with more rain/snow falling so we ran to the local track. We couldn't really see much of the track and ran on mostly ice and a few steps of spongy track, but we got it done. We jumped the fence to get in, and then later found an open gate around the corner. Good times. 5.2 miles in 61:24 of slipping and sliding. Today, I did not remove my clothing while running.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 359 - Take it off, take it all off.

So they don't normally receive a lot of snow in Portland, OR. However in our case, right now it is a white Christmas. Mandatory chain use, still a foot or so of snow on the ground, and lots of ice everywhere makes for some insane running. Thankfully I got to do it with my wifey. She makes it fun. When the drivers give you the "What the heck are you idiots doing outside?" looks she gives them a sweet grin and then runs faster than they are driving. The sidewalks were completely entombed and thus we were running in the tracks on the street for the most part, jumping around avoiding cars. She also makes it fun when my brain goes running-delirious and I say something like hey, dare me to run shirtless? She says "double dog dare." Then after another mile when I say, hey dare me to run pantsless? She says "uhh for the sake of not causing traffic accidents, lets hold off on that....." She is fun. So it may have been the slowest 4.75 miles ever due to the slipping and sliding and ice, and slush, but it was one of the most fun. 57:14.

Day 358 - one more at home

We're taking off for the great white Northwest tomorrow, so today is the last day at home. I'm definitely relying on the tip I heard from one of the 30+ year streak runners. He said something to the effect of, the trick to getting out and running each day (for more than 30 years!) is to just tell yourself its OK to run because you're going to take it very easy and slow and then once you get going, you speed up to your regular pace and then your run is done. I adapt it to, I'm just going to run one mile in about fifteen minutes, then I'm done. Then once I'm out there the mental gymnastics begin. "Well you're run one, you might as well get it to two, two isn't too far, try two. " and so on and so forth until... 4.4 in 46:14.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random musings

So I looked at the site that started this whole mess.  I had sort of forgotten about it.  And then I remembered, assuming that I make nine more days, I will be on the list!  OK the only musing I have is that, the idea of being on the list is kinda kewl.  

Week 51

Total mileage: 30.26
Total time: 336:57
Avg miles: 4.322
Avg time: 48:08
Avg pace: 11:08
Progressing avg miles: 2.13
Progressing avg time: 11:08
Progressing mileage projection: 779.68

Year long mileage: 760.51
39.49 to go.
2nd straight 30+ mile week.  4th overall.  Nine days to go....the will is wavering...but today, I brought my running shoes....

Day 357

4.4 in 44:20.  What it is, what it was, what it shall be.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 356 - I haven't given up yet.....

Outside Temp of 0, means no traffic jams on the running trail 
Crystallized flying snow, gives me a white santa beard
4.1 in 48:57 (11 minutes faster than last time...),  leaves 43.89 miles for the next ten days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 355 - Anyone up for the 50meter kids' fun run?

You ever have those moments?  You know, the moments where you are pushing hard, where you are feeling intense pain, where you not only want to stop, but you want to quit forever?  The moments where you want to find the person that invented running (ha) and give them a nice wallop upside the head?  The moments where you think "I cannot possibly run one more 0.01 mile."  "I will die."  OK I think I have had this same post multiple times.  The things that run through my head (wish I could count that mileage.)

10.00 in 1:46.  
p.s. that is smokin' hot for me.  If I hadn't finished in that time, the gym would have closed and I would have been left to go searching for the man-bra.

47.99 miles to go...

and I passed the 750 mark for the year.  Yeah.

Day 354 - This also doesn't help much

1.0 in 12:20. 57.99 miles to go.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 353 - Hit it!

5.11 in 54:50.  59.9 to go.  Thirteen days to go.  Sounds like the beginning of the classic Blues Brothers rant.

Here is my version.  

It's 59.9 miles to the promised land.  I've got a whole lot of gas, a half a mind to quit right now,  it's dark, and I'm wearing a man-bra........HIT IT!


Day 352 - Off the wagon?

1.0 in 11:30.  I'm not sure this helps much. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 351 - What it is

Occassionally I let myself think a few things.  Like, hey not everyone is out running 4.65 miles in the middle of the night through snow and ice, in near 0 degree weather.  Thats kinda cool.  And not everyone in the world is running their 351st day in a row.  Thats kinda cool.  Look I understand my running style can be described affectionately as waddling, and my speed makes Bea Arthur look like Usain Bolt, but hey sometimes, I let myself think for just a second that, I have a little hawtsawss in me.  Of course then I remember that I'm wearing a man bra.  OK so let me clarify.  The reflective vest that I recently received may be a little short for my elongated torso....I like the vest, especially since because if I wear it, I give a nice glowing target for truckers...  I do like the vest though, gives off an effervescent aura of running seriousness.  If you put on enough hard core running gear does it make you hard core?  I save my "sprints" for running across the intersection in front of people watching, if that helps?   Then when no one is looking I drop down to my penguin pace....
/end rambling

4.65 in 59:00!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week Fitty

Total mileage: 30.25
Total time: 320:21
Avg miles: 4.32
Avg pace: 10:35
Progressing avg miles: 2.086

Total mileage 730.25
Total time: 8123:50

Year long projections
Mileage: 763,63
Time: 8495:12

Third 30+ mile week of the year.  69.75 miles remaining on the trip to 800.  That means 4.36 miles / day aka 30.5 mile weeks...  What I dream happening is that I stuff myself full of Christmas cookies, roll over and quit one week before the year is out.  Ha.  That kinda sounds nice.... :)  What actually will happen is that I will whine, and the wifey will give me a hug followed by her loving look of,  "I love you.  Now if you don't get outside and run right now I will toss you a beating that will haunt your dreams forever."  (The second part is my paraphrase of the subtext.)  OK So actually its more like "I love you.  You can do it baby!"  I just imagine the first one because its humorously motivational in a blogtastic sort of way.

Day 3-fitty...

Coldest day EVER in our town today, for those of you who came here for a weather report.  If I was talking to my Great Aunt Lulu (doesn't exist) the weather topic would be followed by an excrutiating account of my physical ailments (do exist.)  So here you go.   My knees hurt.  Great.  I'm sure you're lives were enriched by this and every other post on this blog-tastic outpouring of nonsense.  

4.45 in 46:45.  16 more days of this?  Sheesh.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 349 - me = Kirk Douglas

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Scritch.  Thump.  Scritch.  Scritch.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Scritch.  

Thus endeth the literary form of the soundtrack of my run on the treadmill.  The scritches are where my shuffling turns into stumbling.  Its all terribly exciting and happy, happy, joy, joy.  Unfortunately for the nice lady running next to me, I don't think it was all joy today.  I'm sure that between running and attempting to rub her eyes from the stinging and burning, she was thinking that I should have been wearing this shirt....

Sincere apologies from me, and the breakfast burrito 

4.75 in 50:00.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 348

The intention was to run for two hours.  It was a weak intention that died a quick and painful death.  I brought sufficient gear to the gym to run the Comrades UltraMarathon across the desert of Africa.  That makes it even more embarrassing to not use any of it and only run 6.75 in 73:03.  It was more than the two drink minimum aka 4.75 miles.  
Update: The needed average is back down to 4.38!  I am so gonna love the extra half hour it takes me to run those last four tenths of a mile....

Day 347

4.3 in 47 minutes or so.  Hawtsawss date action with the wifey kept it a little short.  That and my general disdain for the running thing.  ;)  This is gonna be close!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Day - 346

Some people are oblivious.  Do they not understand that when they waste my time in meetings or "hey I just saw you in the hallway, I need to tell you my life story" moments they are taking me away from valuable, "burn rubber on the tread mill" time?  Seriously with the heat generated on the soles after some quality hamster wheel time, I'm surprised there isn't some oh-so-pleasant burning smoke coming from them.  You can can not change the laws of physics.

That is my grandiose excuse for only getting in 1.3 in 14:40.  

90 miles to go before I sleep.

Update:  Slipping sand.  The required average is up to 4.73....

Day 345 - unnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Whose idea was this?  Seriously I am going to hunt them down like the dog they are.  4.35 in 45:24.

Day 344

4.35 in 43:59.  Bustin' it at the gym so I could get home to the fam.  I love the fam! Knees are sore from the grind, probably should take a break, but, due to popular consensus in the enormous voting turnout, we are giving this 800 mile thing a go.  Game on.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week 49

Total Mileage: 20.6
Total Time: 235:10
Avg miles: 2.94
Avg time: 33:35
Avg pace: 11:24
Progressing avg miles: 2.04
Progressing avg time: 11:09.3

Total mileage: 700

Year long projections: 
Mileage:  746.94

So much for projections....

Day 343 = 700

Finished today at 700 miles for the year on the dot.  Finished today exhausted and sweaty.  Finished today kind of like I started (at least in the exhausted and sweaty regard.)  Finished today?  Probably not.  Not finished today until tomorrow becomes today, and I've run > one mile.

3.0 in 30:59.

100 to 23 days.  4.3478 / day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 342 - I Light Up the Night!

4.75 in 52:14.  Do any of you have those nice automatic lights on the outside of your house that turn on when motion occurs nearby?  Me likey.  I especially likey on certain stretches of the road where a number of houses in a row all have the lights, and by merely running by the domiciles I turn on all the lights in the neighborhood.  I like to imagine sometimes that they aren't really automatic lights, but it really is the residents themselves turning on the lights, because they want a better look at my exquisite running form.  "Look Marge there he goes again!  He's Amazing!"  Something like that.  It's fun.

103 miles to go....

Day 341 Running on Poo

Anyone else face this dilemna?  You're running in a residential neighborhood.  Its dark, and you are wearing all black + a headlamp to make your corpse easier to find for the EMTs.  You have three choices:

1.  Run on the street.  Pros:  Asphalt is softer on your aching joints than cement.  The road is usually a more direct route and has been cleared of snow and ice so that the agony -err running time is shorter to cover the same distance.  Cons:  18wheelers driven by a bleary-eye trucker revving up on uppers trying to hit a shortcut through the suburbs to make his bonus.  He won't even feel your bump.

2.  Run on the cement.  Pros: less likely to become a small lump of goo on the street, fast surface turns your 13 minute mile into a 12:55.  Cons:  hard surface turns your knees into bags of jiffy pop as you climb the stairs the next day.

3.  Run on the grass.  Pros:  Soft surface is easy on the hulking frame pounding out the miles, Cons:  rough uneven surface could cause an ankle turn, slow you down to a 15 minute mile  AND THEN....there is the dog poo.  People who are walking their dogs, cats and other farm animals like to let little fido roam on to the grass right next to the sidewalk and "make a deposit" at the sidewalk branch bank.  This means that when I run alongside I wind up yelling eureka numerous times as the nice squishy treasure oozes through the bottom of my waffle stompers.  This is eased somewhat by cold weather, where in the squish is replaced by a crunch.  

Thus The Longest Run blog presents, You make the Call!  1, 2, or 3?

4.5 in 53:00  Am I actually trying for 800 miles?  Hmmmm that would mean 4.30579 miles for the next 26 days.  That would be crazy.

Day 340

2.35 in 26:20.

Day 339 - A New Invention!

This may have been one of the stranges runs of the year.  Its snowing today.  The wifey forced me out to go do the run.  Very cold, snow very cold + running.  What I discovered is a new way to save time running.  Instead of doing your running and then afterwards icing aching joints and muscles, why not combine the two?  Find some nice powdery snow to run in, 3-4 inches is nice, wear shorts or sweats that let the snow shoot up your legs, (high winds help.)   Then by the time you get home, your lower legs are frozen solid and receive the benefits of icing.  = good times. 1.0 in 11:52.

Day 338

Working from home, 4.0 in 48:14.  Ran the trail route, I can still run more than one mile!  Its amazing.  Trying not to think about how far I have to go to make 800.  Mmm /hug ignorance.  Warm and fuzzy.

Day 337

1.0 in 13:00.  Rippin'

Week 48

Total Mileage: 15.05
Total time: 171:15
Avg miles: 2.15
Avg time: 24:28
Avg pace: 11:22
Progressing avg miles: 2.02
Progressing avg time: 11:09

Total Mileage 679.4

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vote in the new exciting poll

Waste ten seconds of your life that you will never get back.  I dare you.  :)

Day 336

enh.  1.0 in 10:45.  enh.

Day 335 - Best non-wifey run ever!

We had about six inches of snow fall today.  The random shuffled playlist was jammin'  (I will not reveal the songs so as to not embarass those of you with lesser musical tastes who can't appreciate an occassional Jefferson Airplane diddy.)  I was happy running.  I don't say that every day.  In fact never.  It was a cold, dark winter evening, no cars on the road due to the prodigious snowfall.  The snow was falling quietly.  I felt good.  The snow made it feel like running on cushions.  There was a bit of sunset over Pikes Peak as I started.  I felt like I could run forever.  Just me and my headlamp.  Wow.    

2.35 in 26:00

It has to be qualified, because the best runs are still with my permanent partner in crime....

Day 334 - run with the wifey

There are two categories of runs for me.  Runs with the wifey and all the other ones.  Today thanks to the In-laws visiting I got a run with the 3xMarathoner.  It was nice.  Snow was on the ground, and it was in the morning.  Good stuff.  Sunrise ftw.

1.5 in 18:00

Day 333 - fully carbo loaded...on turkey and pumpkin pie

Cold, cold, cold, windy, dark, time to run!  5.2 in 60:00.  Wasn't sure I could still run that far after all this other nonsense.  Out and back in the winter night.  It started to snow...

Day 332 -

If this were upside down, it would be harder to read.  Its not, unless you are standing on your head, or juggling your laptop, unsuccessfully.  1.0 in 11:30.

Day 331 - a trio of three sets of three, wish it were day 333

3.0 in 33:00.  Hey I went to the gym.  They have machines there, you run on them.  And weights you lift, to make bulging muscles appear, and really sweaty guys mercilessly pounding a treadmill into submission (ok just one,) and front desk guys working out to impress the females...its all good times.

Day 330 - Land of the Lost 1.0 mile runs

1.0 in something.  You know either 6:00 (my lifetime best, from a different lifetime) or 12:00.  Either way.

Week 47 - the not so perfect '10'

Mileage: 10
Time: 114:01
Avg miles: 1.43
Avg time: 16:17
Avg pace: 11:24
Progressing avg miles: 2.019
Progressing avg time: 11:08

Right so it wasn't single digits, I've got that going for me....

Day 329

1.0 in 11:30. Generic want to be doneness.